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Hot sauce + food pairings

Louisiana hot sauce with Popeye's
Grace's with Jamaican beef patties
Frank's Xtra hot on ham sandwiches
Tabasco with anything Chinese, guacamole or salsa, or greens
Sambal or Sriracha sauce on eggs and seafood
Cholula's in....everything

Ah-thank you very much

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  1. I love Sriracha with eggs. It's also great in tuna salad.

    1. Dark chocolate and cayenne. Not sauce, but powdered cayenne.

      Walkerswood Jerk Paste with chicken or shrimp.

      1. Sriracha added to tzaziki is fabulous and comes out a lovely color if you can stand a lot of it. I add it to everything and have begun smuggling it into my local sushi place (they wouldn't mind if they caught me). I add Tabasco to A-1 because the Tabasco version seems to be gone. Frank's in mashed potatoes.

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        1. re: southernitalian

          Siriacha on pizza or mixed in with ketsup for fries.
          Franks on fried chicken or mixed in with melted butter and drizzled on popcorn
          Tabasco on BBQ...love the vinegar with the smokey meat

          1. re: bubbles4me

            I got curious and drizzled...no smothered my popcorn and butter in Frank's. WOW.

            It's also very good on potato chips.

        2. Out of curiousity I tried Texas Pete on a Krispy Kreme. It was actually pretty good. Too bad we don't have a Krispy Kreme where I live now. :)

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            Tabasco mixed in with cocktail sauce, Tabasco mixed with catsup for fries

          2. Chipotle Tabasco on eggs, tacos, or really boring vegetables.

            1. Crystal on pizza...umm.

              1. Totally agree about Cholula. Especially on a bacon, mushroom and swiss omelet. Or cheese pizza. Any time I'm trying to be restrictive, Cholula helps the diet food (especially egg whites) go down.

                1. Lousiana hot sauce is actually really good in ramen noodle soup! It adds like a hot and sour twist.

                  I also love hot sauce on chicken tacos.

                  1. Texas Pete on fried perch!! Heavenly....

                    1. A quick fresh habanero sauce with white vinegar (sorry, EN) spun in a handy little chopper, on fried eggs with bacon, will cure the ailments you caused the previous evening. Or you will die trying. So far, so good.

                      1. Texas Champagne hot sauce. Simply the best Tobasco-style sauce. We put it on many things, like psuedo burritos and sandwiches. You can order it on-line.
                        I used to like Cholula on most things because the vinegar content seems low. Generally, I like the heat but not the vinegar. Texas Champagne uses white wine vinegar and is very smooth, unlike Tobasco, which I won't eat on eggs. Srirachi when I don't want any vinegar and am feeling "Asian".

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                          Scargod, a factoid I learned here from Eat Nopal, who loathes vinegar in picante sauces: El Yucateco, made in Merida, is vinegar-free. I have the red. The green is off the charts with heat.
                          A thread some time ago seemed to arrive at a consensus that vinegar-based hot sauces, e.g. Tabasco, meld well with cajun/creole style cooking, but not always beyond.

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                            Don't gag guys, a real Yankee oxymoron, Wild Blue Yonder Wild Blueberry Hot Sauce on fried eggs and/or corned beef hash. An acquired taste, fur sure, but wicked good!

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                            Oh boy, Texas Champagne!!! I totally forgot about that. It's my go to sauce when I want more of that tabasco flavor without all the vinegar, and it packs great heat too. A great little sauce. I actually bought mine at Giant.

                            And I thought all/most hot sauces used white vinegar?

                          3. Tabasco on skillet O'brien homefries (you know, home fries made w/ onions and peppers). So good!

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                              Just had Tabasco on buttnernut squash saute. Something about that slightly sweet starch combined w/ the hot tomasco. Very nice!

                              I had a reddish/pink tinged oil w/ red pepper flakes in Portugal that was wonderful. It was on the table w/ other condiments in several of the street cafes. Anyone know what this stuff is?

                              Of course sriracha and Chinese is a given.

                              I love hot things, but I have to say that I con't like Tobasco or any hot sauce on my eggs. Not sure why.

                            2. Tabasco on gumbo (me)

                              Melinda's red habanero on pizza, or anything (the BF)

                              1. Sriracha over hummus, on sushi, on brown rice, even on a slice of low-fat swiss cheese, as weird as that might sound.

                                Ground chili, garlic, and basil paste on anything, from rice to noodles to bowls of steamed or sauteed vegetables. I especially love the bright, strong, "real" basil flavor along with the heat and garlic -- I can't remember the brand, but this one's a keeper.

                                On the other hand, I tried garlic Tabasco this week on beans and rice, and it didn't taste any different from regular Tabasco. Just flat and vinegary. Is it just me, or is the garlic taste that mild/imperceptible?

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                                  My wife really likes the Tabasco Garlic, I find it def. has a different taste than regular Tabasco, but I tend not to use the garlic much.
                                  I put Tabasco on just about everything that I eat, I also use El Yucateco, the green one, when I make some Ropa Vieja.
                                  I marinate pork chops in the Tabasco Chipotle before throwing them on the grill.
                                  I have a batch of home made hot sauce in the fridge now that I am quite fond of using but it's running low and I have no more peppers on my plants.

                                2. Not quite hot sauce, but I just tried some chile de arbol in my steel cut oats with just a bit of peanut oil and a pinch of salt. I'll definitely be doing that again. Very satisfying, and it's nice to switch up my morning routine a bit by adding a bit of heat.

                                  1. Not a hot sauce... but the other day I had a bagel with jalapeno cream cheese. The combination of the jalapeno and iced coffee is really unique and in my opinion delicious.

                                    1. Lizano on leftover pork roast or white chicken meat. If you've never heard of it, it's Central American, and cumin-y and sour citrus, with enough tang to make you think it's a hot sauce.

                                      1. sriracha with peanut butter!

                                        1. Anyone have a good hot sauce pairing for Long John Silver's other than the usual tabasco or Franks? Oh yea, and also Chipotle, and any other fast food you can think of.

                                          1. I crave Tabasco sauce on buttered noodles or pastina on a regular basis. I also want it on a fried egg once in a while. I don't know where this craving come from but it doesn't go away until I satisfy it!

                                            1. Louisiana on salad. Any type of salad - great addition to any dressing actually.

                                              1. something about franks red hot on a greek omelette is absolutely quintessential to me. the red hot with the feta, especially if you have some tzatziki going on as well, oh my.... it is a taste i'll never forget from living in michigan. all the coney islands (diners, not chains, usually) always offer franks red hot as their hot sauce and my tastebuds just have always responded to that. yum.

                                                1. Pavlovian response: my scalp is sweating in anticipation. does anyone else experience this - just thinking about one's favorites causes the same side effects?

                                                  if you do it's a great way to wake up on a dull day at work. try it.

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                                                  1. re: hill food

                                                    Man something like that happens to me too. Sometimes I would just start imagining that I'm smelling hot sauce (maybe a synthesisia thing) and I would just get the most incredible craving and my mouth would start watering.

                                                    Hot sauce is powerful stuff!

                                                  2. I love Arizona Gunslinger Sauce. What does it go good with, everything. I had it on my spaghetti this week. I always have one with me in my pack, it can make anything good.

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                                                    1. I love love love West Indian yellow habanero/mustard sauce (such as Baron's or Bello) on fried egg sandwiches or tuna sandwiches.

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                                                        In the same type of sauce range - Inner Beauty on any grilled Salt Water Fish.

                                                        1. re: JanPrimus

                                                          Too bad they don't produce Inner Beauty anymore. What a shame

                                                          1. re: takadi

                                                            I started making my own a few years ago due to not being able to find it.....


                                                            Oh I usually use 8 habarenos in that with the seeds removed.

                                                            1. re: JanPrimus

                                                              Cool! How does it compare to the real thing?

                                                              1. re: takadi

                                                                Well the first time I did it I used all the Habanero's and that was more pain then gain...

                                                                It took a few times for me to get it to where I wanted it but I am happy with the chili levels...the other ingredient amounts are about spot on. Reserve mainly a little mango, mustard and vinegar to adjust to where you like it.

                                                      2. last night i made popcorn on the stovetop........which i dipped into a sriracha mayo dip.

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                                                        1. re: im_nomad

                                                          Anyone ever try popping popcorn in bacon fat? I'm just sayin'...

                                                          1. re: lynnlato

                                                            You are so Star Trek!!!!!!!
                                                            You will boldly go where no one has gone before.
                                                            Live long and prosper.

                                                        2. Fried pot stickers dipped in orange marmalade/sriracha.

                                                          Sriracha in ramen noodles (doctored with other stuff, too).

                                                          Louisiana Gold Green Sauce on jambalaya, tacos, smothered potatoes & sausage, chicken & pasta, in gumbo, fried rice, and almost anything that needs oomph.

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                                                            Salsa Valentina on elotes, papitas (fresh cut and fried potato chips); Cosecha Purépecha* Salsa Chipotle mixed with mayo al gusto on boiled shrimp; Cosecha Purépecha Salsa de Chile de Árbol on meats.

                                                            Tabasco in a Bloody Mary. Lacking that, Salsa Huichol.

                                                            *A regional product originating in Chilchota, Michoacán.

                                                          2. Srirchai with my baked mac&cheese (integrated with the sauce not just on it). On my grilled cheese sandwich, borscht, spaghetti sauce, chili...>.>"...everything =.=. But especially cheese and stuff with tomatoes.