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Sep 28, 2008 01:21 PM

Italian restos in Paris

I know your all probably thinking "oh mon Dieu !! "
But.....and this is a big but < lol > I'm married to an Italian and I know for a fact that at some point in our week long visit he will need a ' fix.' Not looking for pizza but the kind of food found on mama's sicilian table!
Grazie et Merci !

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  1. I'm not saying "mon Dieu", though it's true that there aren't many great Italian, especially authentic+non pizza ones in Paris. A case in point is Sormani, an excellent and expensive Italian restaurant whose chef is very French.

    I recently reviewed Luna Rosso in Romainville, excellent but far from central

    I Golosi, rue de la Grange Batelière, should fit the bill, and also has an extraordinary wine list.

    Chez Vincent, now inside the park des Buttes Chaumont, is known for his antipasti and his singing opera while preparing them. Georgeous location.

    La Romanticca, in Neuilly and now av. de la Tour Maubourg has an excellent reputation though I never checked by myself.

    There also used to an Sardican (?) restaurant in rue de Clichy, don't know what it's worth now.

    On bd Garibaldi, Fontanarosa is actually the perfect match for your request.

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      We like La Taverna in the 7th and Del Orto in the 9th; both have Italian chef/owners and are definitely not pizza places.

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        We ate at La Romantica on Ave de la Tour Maubourg last evening and were quite pleased. My husband started with prosciutto with an assortment of fresh fruit - cantaloupe, peaches, and berries. I had an arrugula salad with shaved parmesan cheese, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. We had pasta as a main course, both selecting the linguini with sea food. The pasta was al dente, with a tomato sauce that just coated the pasta, and a generous selection of assorted seafood -- mainly clams and squid, but also scallop and shrimp. The pasta portions are large enough that it is not practical to also have a second course of meat or fish. Also, the only pasta available was linguine or rigatoni, with a selection of about 8 different preparations available for either.

      2. My authentic italian place is La Corte, 320 rue Saint-Honoré. The food is excellent and it is not expensive.
        Fresh porcini mushrooms, antipasti of all kinds, scampi, grilled squid...
        They're all italian, even the customers.
        It is lost in a courtyard off the saint honoré street, a quiet place.

        1. Try La Gioconda (3, avenue Théphile Gautier, 16th). Very generous portions of quite traditional Italian fare. Friendly staff (and two Boston terriers that run around the place).