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Sep 28, 2008 01:08 PM

Sylvania/Toledo Ohio & Ann Arbor Mich Chinese food best places

I am 15 mins from Sylvania Ohio in one direction and 20 mins from Ann Arbor Michigan in the other direction. My dad recently just moved in with me and is craving some good Chinese, specifically War Su Gai (sp?) otherwise known as Almond Boneless Chicken. I myself love a great vegetable chop suey and fantastic eggrolls - please help me with some recommendations for my dad's cravings! Thanks :)

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  1. and yes, I know it is not authentic Chinese (sorry all you purists), but rather Chinese-inspired American dish, nevertheless he loves it, so would appreciate your help!

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    1. Great Lake on Packard & Carpenter in Ann Arbor
      Middle Kingdom on Main in Ann Arbor
      China Gate on S. University in Ann Arbor

      all decent. I personally hold to the motto it's not where you go, but what you order where you go. I'm not sure how good the ABC is in these places, other than China Gate, which is decent.

      1. Yang's Gourmet House in Toledo is--apparently--known for its chop suey. Personally, I'd go for more daring dishes since it's one of the few authentic places in town.