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Sep 28, 2008 12:01 PM

SEATAC (in-terminal) breakfast?

I'm connecting at SEA for my trip to Asia, and looking for a good breakfast in the terminal? What's the quality? pricing?

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  1. I usually get a breakfast panini or 'mile high turkey club' at Dish D'Lish when catching a morning flight. Edible for airport food, around $8 with a large coffee IIRC.

    If you have enough time for restaurant service, Anthony's is open for breakfast and is probably your best bet for quality - I've never had time or the reason to eat breakfast there but I have had a couple of decent dinners there over the last couple of years and rate it among the better airport restaurants anywhere.

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      I also get an egg sandwich or yogurt parfait and fresh OJ from Dish D"Lish. Food at Seatac is reasonably priced compared to other airports--I remember reading that they aren't allowed to charge more than they would in the outside world.

    2. In a pinch, I've also gotten a bagel with smoked salmon cream cheese from Ivars. It was pretty tasty.

      1. Not very original, but Qdoba has some acceptable (ok chain, at airport) breakfast burritos. Not great, but filling and based on current air travel I would go here, you will at least be full and who knows how valuable that is with current airtravel.

        1. I have eaten a breakfast cheese plate and a couple of glasses of good wine at Vino Volo (next to Dish D'lish) on occasion. Maybe the wine would help if you desire sleep on the long flight.

          1. Dish D'Lish is by far the best food option in the airport. They have great salads and sandwiches...I love their caesar salad with chicken and tabouli. Great breakfast paninis.