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Sep 28, 2008 11:45 AM

Recipes from the 2008 Chowing with the Hounds Picnic!

Hounds gathered from near and far for the 2008 Chowing with the Hounds Picnic in Tilden Park in Berkeley, CA....and the array of dishes was a wonder to behold! Reports on the picnic can be found here:

but this thread is the place to post your recipes and requests for recipes. Myself, I'd love the chicken salad recipes, the recipe for the melon/cucumber salad, the gazpachos, the avocado/roasted corn soup, and the shrimp salad, and that is just for starters! Would the makers be willing to share?

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  1. Thanks for starting the thread, Susan! Several people asked about the Bacon Baklava I brought. This offering was inspired by an article on that was reprised in the Chow media blog about Jennifer McLagan’s newest book, "Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes' -- one of the recipes mentioned being Bacon Baklava. I read that and just had to have some, so I googled and found this recipe:

    I made it pretty much exactly as written, except that I didn't have any bourbon, so I used single malt Scotch. I also used some bacon fat in place of butter on the bottom phyllo layers, as I thought it might be better at keeping the bottom phyllo from getting soggy. I thought the orange flavor was too strong and somewhat superfluous, so I'd reduce or even omit the orange zest if I made it again. The impact of the bacon flavor varied depending on whether you got a piece from the middle or from around the edges, as the pieces on the edges had more syrup -- basically, I'd go easier on the syrup if I made it again, as it tended to overwhelm the bacon filling.

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      I didn't think the orange flavor was too strong myself (though I like orange zest), but I do remember wishing that my piece (from the edge, naturally, I couldn't wait to try it!) was a bit more I agree with the idea of going a bit easier on the syrup...Thanks for the link!

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        oh crap, I wish I'd known it was BACON baklava! I was kind of struggling by the end there and limited myself to sorbets. Scotch sounds like an even better match, actually.

      2. Here's the recipe (sort of) for the cucumber honeydew salad. I'm so glad people enjoyed it!

        -equal parts cucumber and honeydew (I ended up using 1 whole honeydew and 6 cucumbers, peeled and seeded)
        -chop up and add a bunch of mint (I didn't measure. I just kept adding until I thought it looked "right")
        -add/crumble in some soft goat cheese (I found this one of the hardest parts as the cheese kept melting in my fingers)
        -sprinkle with salt and lime juice

        Yes, it was that easy!

        Thanks again to everyone for sharing their food!

        1. i'd like the mochiko recipe if possible!

          1. The white (green?) gazpacho was pretty good. I'd like to know how to make that.

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              4spain's White Gazpacho recipe is on the '2008 Chowdown Report' thread. Find it there!

              Sure sorry I missed the outing and chowing....had to hang close to home..maybe next year. Thank you all for posting about the logistics of the picnic. Being 4 hours away, I've been trying to figure it out, when I finally do get a chance to make it. You've all given plenty of ideas.

            2. It's only been a year, but better late than never. Here's the basic recipe for the corn and avocado soup on Epicurious.
              I've made it several times and prefer my own tweak which is to double the amount of garlic and white onion used. What I do is roast half the garlic and the onion in the Mexican way on a comal or dry skillet. Do the whole peeled clove and for the onion, cut it in half around the equator then roast each hemisphere top and bottom.
              And instead of messing around with making melon balls, I cut very thin slices of the avocado as garnish. Yes, they will float and give a more abstract look to the presentation.

              Do make it the day before and refrigerate over night. The flavors blossom and deepen. You may need to adjust with more lime juice just before serving.

              This year's picnic date has been set for Saturday, Oct 3, in Berkeley's Tilden Park. Hope to see a good turn out from home cooking 'hounds. Here's a link to the details and sign-up info for Chowing with the Hounds picnic.