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Sep 28, 2008 11:24 AM

Where are they hiding the garlic NOT made in China?

I want access to garlic that is not from China. I want to see if it's any better. The garlic available where I live is all 'MADE IN CHINA' - I get several nice looking heads home, and break it open to find molded, dusty, crumbly cloves that are either all brown or speckled brown and dried out. It's getting expensive ($2.69lb) to throw it out time and again. I'm tempted to try the pre-cleaned style but prepping garlic is one of my favorite things.

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  1. Fresh garlic should say "grown in" not made in. Are you talking about some kind of packaged garlic? Garlic is grown in CA among other places. Health food stores often try to carry locally grown products, have you tried checking a Whole Foods Market or local co-op?

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      don't they have to assemble those cloves somewhere? ;)

      1. re: cimui

        Lol cimui! Yes, I just know there's somebody out there with superglue, binding those cloves I get, becuse they're such a pain to get apart sometimes, ha.

      2. re: lgss

        You shouldn't count on Whole Foods as a source of food not imported from China. They import some of their organic frozen food from China. You have to ask if the garlic powder is imported from China.

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          Whole Foods carries China origin , organic garlic; but who knows what orgqanic means to the growers in China!

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            It means that the claims Chinese garlic growers (and, more importantly, their organic regulatory agency) have made for their organic standards have been evaluated by the USDA and deemed acceptable.

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              Are you sure? I've always heard that the organic stamp on all food is based on the standards where the product is produced. Organic garlic from China, may be deemed organic in China but may or may not if it were grown in another country; however it is still imported as organic garlic.

              1. re: YummaYum

                I linked to an article below that details how "organic" is assigned in China, as in there's a rubber stamp that's used. The problem from what I understand is the designation from the USA POV is that the grower reports what they do, and there may be periodic inspections, but other than that, there is no one on the ground 24/7 to make sure there is compliance to anything.
                Here it is:
                Personally, to me, I wouldn't believe a stamp of "organic" on any imported product unless there had been an inspector from my country there during the entire production life of the product.

        2. You should be able to return any product that is inedible to the grocery store as long as you keep the receipt. It's a pain, but you'd get your money back. You could try Whole Foods if you have one near you, or any other organic market.

          I had no idea how much garlic is being imported from China until I just did a Google search. Learn something new everyday.

          1. Buy some at a farm stand, with the dirt still clinging to the roots. Great quality and very inexpensive. If you store it carefully, it will last many months.

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              Ditto. I buy my garlic from the greenmarket and it's just wonderful.

            2. Time and time again? Don't don't know why you'd want to go on shopping there. Odds are they're slipshod in other ways as well. Takes care from growing to shipping to market arrival and sisplay for good produce. At any halfway decent store, produce people keep an eye on things and toss stuff before it starts to go bad.

              1. Buy a bulb and plant it. you'll have eternal fresh garlic.