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Sep 28, 2008 11:18 AM

SD - University Club atop Symphony Towers?

My In-laws want to go there when they visit in November since they are members. I am unfamiliar with it. Has anyone eaten there and might be able to tell me how it is? Is it comparable to other nice restaurants in San Diego?



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  1. I've been there for lunch and I'd say the food is solid and enjoyable, but not as good as, like, Cafe Chloe, Tapenade, Cowboy Star, Farmhouse Cafe (to name kind of a broad range of my own fave recent restaurants). The view is fantastic, though. For that, one might compare it to Mister As, but I think the view is better and the food - hard to say...haven't been to dinner at U Club. Probably pretty comparable. One option might be to do happy hour/cocktails there before dinner to enjoy the view, and then go eat somewhere else, if you really want to maximize your gastronomic pleasure!

    1. I have been there a few times for lunch, and once for dinner. It is has great views and a cluby atmosphere. The service is elegant, and the guests are usually dressed in a formal fashion.

      I have found the food to be very good.

      It is probably a place that you should go to atleast once. Since it is a club and your familyare members, you will not be expected to pay. I think your menu might not even list the prices.

      1. I've been there for wine tastings and appetizers.

        The view isn't good, it's spectacular.
        You have to get a seat that overlooks the stadium!

        By default it is about the view. Don't let anyone try to wear jeans or arrive with out a dress jacket. They will turn you away!

        1. I enjoyed a very good meal there! Yes, the view was spectacular and the service was stellar. All the men were in suit and ties and the women were dressed in dresses or suits. My only complaint was that the room we were sitting in got very warm with the heat coming in from the large windows (and of course, all of us in our suits were dying...).