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Sep 28, 2008 11:06 AM

Article on LA Restaurants in Sunday's NYT

There's a fairly long and interesting article on a number of LA restaurants in today's (Sunday) New York Times. The article profiles Comme Ca, Hatfield's, BLD and Osteria Mozza, and the theme focuses on the "star power" of the food offered, not the people eating it.

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    The line "But now, even the most fashionable Angelenos will go out of their way to eat at a restaurant where the food is the real attraction. " sounds unwarranted to me. Perhaps a perspective distortion caused by looking from the right coast.

    1. thanks! Anyone tried of these restaurants?

      1. We've been to Hatfield's -- really nice and innovative: loved the grilled octopus and take on the croque madame and ate at Osteria Mozza in July which was not all that impressive after appetizers and mozzarella courses (i.e. the mains were underwhelming).

        After an uneven meal at Anisette (with friendly but amateurish service), I'm a little hesitant to try Comme Ca, but I do want to hit BLD for B.