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Sep 28, 2008 11:03 AM

Bamboo Restaurant, Hawi, Big Island

Just wondering what other chowhounds that have visited this restaurant think? This place has always had a good reputation and been very popular.
On a recent visit, we felt they had gone somewhat downhill.
Burnt, cold food...looong waits for the meal. Up to 1 hour wait for lunch (Party of 2) with restaurant partially full. Disorganized wait staff.
Have heard that the owner replaced the previous Chef herself to help cut costs??
We hope things turn around here as ..Bamboo was once a much anticipated stop on a trip up the northern coast.

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  1. aloha. had lunch at the bamboo last week. it was as good as ever. at times i've felt a bit of attitude, but the food has always been good. currently things are verrrrrryyyyyy slow on the big island, and the servers couldn't have been happier. the bamboo is still up there on my list. i had the coconut sauce with fish & veggies, wife had fish on the salad, and my two friends who are locals had the special - a mushroom risoto. they eat there often, so i'd say it's good as ever.

    1. We were there last week and I had read in the NYTimes about the change of (lack of) chef. They said that yes there was no main chef and the owner is the boss of the kitchen. They said she wants to expand into areas such as risotto (??!) I didn't notice any change in quality. The servings seemed smaller but I could be wrong. We shared the potsticker appetizer and the noodles with veggies with coconut sauce and we had just enough room for ice cream from across the street. The service was fine. I'll post a photo later. I bought the cookbook which looks easy and accurate.