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Sep 28, 2008 10:45 AM

Octoberfest in OC

Does anyone know where the best Octoberfest celebration is in Orange County? We are mainly interested in the food.

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  1. i know there is one right by the honda center i went last year...i dont remember the food so much but the beer selection was good!

    1. There's the tried and true Old World Village, in Huntington Beach. Here's the link: Old World during Octoberfest becomes a split-personality. The restaurant section evokes memories of a Bavrian beer hall and is more dining oriented, although festive. In comparison, the expansive outdoor bar area becomes awash in beersoaked revelers, mostly in their twenties, who are there for the foamy, keg-drawn beer and to drunkenly hobble their way through the "Chicken Dance."

      Old World German Restaurant
      7561 Center Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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      1. re: OCKevin

        And which days do you plan to attend? LOL

        1. re: justagthing

          On a Saturday. Jagerhaus has one on Oct. 18th. One night only. Just wondering if there where any others around that might be better. We are looking for good food primarily, some fun and something not too rowdy or cheesy.

      2. The other large Octoberfest in OC is held at the Phoenix Club in Anahaeim. I believe this is what nogidrew is referring to in the post below. The Phoenix Club is literally right down the road from Jagerhaus.

        Good luck and have fun....

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        1. re: HB_Jeff

          I would have said Phoenix Club too.

          Ladera Ranch has a pretty large outdoor Octoberfest - - here's a link

        2. No OC, but Lake Arrowhead has an Octoberfest that has already begun this month in the Village.