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Sep 28, 2008 10:33 AM

Crema di salvia: what is this?

I recieved a small jar of "crema di salvia" as a souvenir from Italy. My questions are:

1) does "salvia" refer to ordinary sage or is this it the salvia that makes you high? (Yikes!)

2) assuming it's the non-hallucinogenic, garden variety sage we're talking about, how is this used? Do you toss it with pasta? Spread it on bread?

Normally I'd just go for it, but I'm nursing an infant so being *that* experimental isn't in the cards right now <lol>

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  1. In Italy, "salvia" is just normal sage. As for how to use it, I don't know.

    1. I think I have some of that too - basically just a sage paste - but I've never opened the jar.

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        It'd probably be good mixed into a minestrone or other hearty bean based soup. Maybe shmear some on a sausage & then grill it...? Let us know what you do w/ it.

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          Maybe the Batali COTM will give me inspiration!

      2. I'd smear it on some pounded chicken filets that quick fried in butter. Then top with ham or prosciutto, then cover with provolone or fontina and bake till melted... Basically a chicken saltimbocca with the sage on the inside. You could also add it to a white wine, broth and lemon reduction after quick frying the chicken.

        1. Thanks everyone. I used it last night as a condiment for stuffed zucchini. The sage flavour is surprisingly delicate, given how much sage is in there.

          1. You have to love the Internet! 2 years after your post and I am staring at the lovely little jar I brought back from Italy. Not sure what to do with it but not wanted to waste if by just stirring it into pasts. I was thinking of roasting cauliflower churks and serving it with the crema.

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              What you have there is the best stuff ever for a turkey sandwich! I got some when I visited Italy and loved it so much that I have been on a mission to find it in the US ever since. Eataly doesn't have it and has never heard of it; Dean and Deluca has a "sage pesto" which is close but not exactly the same; anyone else found it? I love crema di salvia in poultry sandwiches of all types, but a leftover Thanksgiving turkey on good rustic bread spread with crema di salvia and a grind or two of fresh black pepper and a sprinkle of salt: Heaven.