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Sep 28, 2008 09:52 AM

Remember Ebinger's Othello's

They were egg shaped-had a chocolate coating over angel-food cake with a creamy mocha center

Does any bakery make that? Did anyone buy the recipe?

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  1. The things that I knew from Ebingers were the ruggalach and blackout cake. When visiting relatives in Brooklyn one Aunt, who always had the greatest food, kept a supply of Ebingers on the weekends. When as a student at B'klyn Tech High school 1964 there was an Ebingers on that same block. The closest ruggalach to Ebingers here on Long Island that I have found are from Bagel Boss. Do not know of a good Blackout cake.

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      Crumbs in Manhattan had a good Blackout Cake but I heard they were closing down locations.

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      1. Hi folks--please keep your suggestions on where to find a substitute in the Tristate area. For recipes, please post on our Home Cooking board.

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