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Remember Ebinger's Othello's

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They were egg shaped-had a chocolate coating over angel-food cake with a creamy mocha center

Does any bakery make that? Did anyone buy the recipe?

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  1. The things that I knew from Ebingers were the ruggalach and blackout cake. When visiting relatives in Brooklyn one Aunt, who always had the greatest food, kept a supply of Ebingers on the weekends. When as a student at B'klyn Tech High school 1964 there was an Ebingers on that same block. The closest ruggalach to Ebingers here on Long Island that I have found are from Bagel Boss. Do not know of a good Blackout cake.

    1. Hi folks--please keep your suggestions on where to find a substitute in the Tristate area. For recipes, please post on our Home Cooking board.

      1. your'e almost correct, but they were half-egg shaped along the long side and the cake was yellow cake. they were packed three to a box.

        1. It was all good. Their crumb cake (and that of rival Cushing's too) was divine, but the one I weep for is the chocolate pudding cake: golden cake with pudding filling and an icing that looked like shiny brown chocolate leather, half an inch thick...

          1. I used to buy an upside down cupcake that was frosted on the bottom and sides instead of the top. It was a favorite that was sold in a bakery in sunnyside queens. Sorry to say they went out of business. Now I live in Hauppauge long island. Saturday I was at Meat farms supermarket and saw a box of cupcakes that looked like the ones I used to buy. A box 6 is $3.99 and they are big. They are called Othello's. I bought them and they are very good and they are filled with a creamy mocha center. Sounds like what you're looking for except the box says its sponge cake, but its covered in a dark chocolate frosting.. The box that they come in says they are manufactured by Batters & Dough , Wyandanch, ny 11798. I went back today and there wasn't any left, hopefully that's not the last time I see them. Oh and they are only 225 calories each.

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              wow-sounds like the real thing-I will check that out

              225 calories?-seems they were richer than that