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Sep 28, 2008 09:51 AM

Cart food revisited...

Heading to the city this Dec, and wondered if there were any great new carts not to be missed.

From previous threads, I have Chicken @ Rice and Hallo Berlin down for a visit. Also, last year we enoyed a visit to Dosa man.


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  1. Where are you visiting from? If these types of food aren't very common where you are:

    1. The Jamaican Dutchy on 51st just east of 7th ave is relatively new and does a good jerk chicken.
    2. The Calexico cart at Wooster and Prince in Soho has decent CalMex burritos.
    3. I like the kalbi beef combo plate at the Korean cart on the north side of 49th st., just west of 6th ave. (Small portions, though, be forewarned. For that matter, Hallo Berlin also serves small portions.)
    4. Someone mentioned seeing a new egg cake vendor in Chinatown, which I've personally been meaning to try.

    1-3 are mostly available at lunch time.

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    1. re: cimui

      I'm really fond of Jimmy's (the Greek cart on 47th and 2nd just across from Dag Plaza) his souvlaki is in my opion better than most of the souvalki's I've had in the sit down resturants in manhattan.

    2. There's a good halal guy at Union Square across the street from Walgreens. Note there are two carts, one larger with a guy in hair and beardnet (not that one), the smaller cart.

      Delicious and inexpensive.

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      1. re: gorlanko

        Are you sure you dont mean Food Emporium? I don't think there is a Walgreens on Union Square.

        1. re: jumpingmonk

          i think the walgreen's is just to the east of virgin records on the south side of the square.

          1. re: jumpingmonk

            Monk, the FE you're speaking of is *directly* across the street from a Walgreens. There's a halal cart that sets up on that side of the street just before TJ's. I have no idea on how good their chow is, but the absence of any line(s) is a fairly good indicator that they ain't anything to write home about.

            1. re: Cheese Boy

              hi cheese boy, you are needed over on this thread to answer a question about a photo credit.... (el mitch's photo)

              1. re: alkapal

                Thanks alkapal. Credit given to where credit was due.

        2. Speaking of cart food, has anyone seen the Dosa Man in Washington Square Park lately? I heard he was back, but when I headed over a few weeks ago there was no sight of him.

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          1. re: whitneybee

            He's there! (Yesterday, and tomorrow/TH and continuing) Happy I came from Boston to see him. Had his Sri Lankan lunch from his grandma, Jalna? Something starting with a J (sorry) Well-spiced (not hot, particularly) and delicious. Bunch of thin crepes like injera, but very thin, topped with "dry sauce" (with the spices) accompanied by coconut sauce and mint chutney, as well as small cup of soup and samosa. ($6) , at lunchtime/SW corner of Washington Square, on the south side of park by Sullivan.

          2. Thanks all, have them noted down!