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Sep 28, 2008 09:43 AM

Breakfast in Memphis, lunch on the way to Jackson

I'm going to be getting into Memphis on the first flight of the day and need to drive to Jackson for business in the evening. Where would you suggest for a good breakfast and a lunch en route? I would like southern cuisine and/or 'que.

Also would welcome some Jackson recs: we have plans to eat at Nick's and Walker's but I'd also like one or two more. Thank you!

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  1. It isn't really close to the airport, but Bryant's Breakfast over on Summer Avenue is worth the trip- it is probably the best plain old breakfast that you can get in the entire universe! Try their sampler- you *won't* be disappointed...

    For lunch (if you are still hungry- if you take my suggestion about Bryant's you won't be), there is a really good place in Grenada, MS called High on the Hog- really great burgers- just take the second Grenada exit, go left across the interstate, and keep going until you cross another overpass- they will be on your left.

    Another option would be the Dutch Mill- keep going south on I-55 and take the Winona exit. go east across the interstate, and go to the right when the road splits. They will be in the cream colored brick building on your left- there isn't a sign or anything- but they have a really good and really cheap plate lunch.

    What kind of places are you looking for in Jackson?

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      I want to eat good local food, or beyond that, the place you would go with your family for a good meal. Not chains, if possible, unless they are local chains. Since we'll do Nick's, I don't need anything fancy, please. I'm staying at the Jackson Marriott near the Capitol, but happy to drive.

    2. Some of the best food in Jackson is Indian at Spice Avenue on the frontage Rd. Take the Briarwood Exit off I-55 and head south on the frontage road. Don't be fooled and pull into Ruchi which you will pass on the right. Spice Avenue is just after IHOP and the cosmetology school. The phone number is 601 982-0890 and they are open from 11:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. M-Sat. The butter chicken is my favorite. The chicken tikka kabob - chunks of tender white meat marinated and barbecued with fresh lime juice squeezed over - is also great. And lately I've been craving the eggplant dish (Baigan Bhurtha). Spice Avenue is locally owned and the food is fresh and delicious. It really is special.

      1. There is a good Thai Restaurant in Jackson. I can't remember the name of it, but it is across from Sid's Cherokee (LaFleur's Bluff area). The green curry is outstanding. If you like gumbo (I'm especially picky) the Piccadilly cafeteria in the LaFleur's Bluff area (north Jackson near Maywood Mart and interstate) makes delicious gumbo. Really. I usually stop by there to bring some back home.

        1. For Memphis breakfast, Head north up the east parkway (79?)out of the airport to "Buns on the Run" on 2150 Elzy. Best panckaes around. Or try "Barksdales", 239 S. Cooper, a dive of a spot in the same area.

          1. Jackson MS or Jackson TN? If Jackson MS, come on down I-55 to Hernando, just a quick hop from the airport (14 miles south of the TN line) for breakfast. Stop at the Memphis Street Cafe right off the square under Accents. It's new but the food is fabulous.

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              Hey, everybody, thanks for the suggestions. I am in Memphis and will be checking out your breakfast suggestions.

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                Wow, this is weird- I happened to be in Hernando just yesterday and ate at Memphis Street Cafe! I had the cabbage rolls, and I want to say that they were the best I have ever had. This place is going to be good!

                It is so strange that you mentioned it...

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                  We've been twice for dinner. They offer $$ fare, which looks very tasty, but they also offer their sandwich/lunch menu. I've had the hamburger both times and it's the best I've ever had in a restaurant.. I know that's saying a lot with places like Hueys and Belmont around town, but it is awesome. They don't offer blue cheese as an option on the menu, but ask for it. You won't be sorry. (Oh, sorry for hijaking the post.)