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Sep 28, 2008 08:14 AM

Terroni for student birthday? Other sugessions?

i'm a student on a budget with a birthday coming up. a friend suggested terroni but i had a look at the menu and it was a bit more than i had expected. it's going to be a party of around 7 or 8 and i am expecting to pay about $20 per person all inclusive.

any other suggestions of restaurants (does not necessarily have to be italian) with great atmosphere and decent student-affordable prices?
[preferable downtown region]

thanks in advance

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  1. Check out Sakura Ichiban Japanese Restaurant at 142 Adelaide East (at Jarvis). Only consistent place where our office holds lunches that no-one has a complaint.....

    1. Supermarket in Kensington might work for you. Most entrees are in the $10-12 range. Food is quite decent too with some interesting menu options.

      1. I like Sambuca on Baldwin if you are looking for good food that isn't expensive. It's a lovely spot in a central location. Food is Italian.

        Happy birthday to you.

        1. Freshwood Grill in Kensington - excellent food, very cool and cheap.
          Swatow in Chinatown for food. I think they also serve beer. Cheap, excellent food, but not big on atmosphere...
          John's Italian Cafe on Baldwin. Very hip and cheap.
          Cafe Diplomatico on College.
          The Real Jerk...

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            John's Italian was last hip about 1982. The quality's been downhill ever since, too.

            1. re: Dimbulb

              Oops. It's been a long time since I've been there - maybe not 1982. I was going to mention that I wasn't sure what it would be like now, but didn't think it would be necessary. Guess I was wrong.