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Sep 28, 2008 06:43 AM

Paris Boulangeries

Tried this post before without success. Trying again. Favorite breads in Paris. Here are a couple of mine Kayser tourtre, Julien baguette traditional, Lemonte baguette traditional,
Grenier du pain ficelle, Poujaran pate de campagne, Poilane loaf

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  1. And the Poilane walnut loaf! Also La Grande Epicerie's delicious baguette traditionale (maybe a bit salty, though). And the pain au maïs from Bread & Roses.

    Not really a bread, but I think I might be seriously addicted to the oversized gougères from the Raspail Sunday market.

    1. Without success! I made a whole map of my favourite bakeries:

      I concurr with your references (though poujauran does pain, not paté, and has no shop anymore). Maybe you could specify that yours is the grenier du pain place d'italie. I am adding the Pichard from Pichard rue Cambronne, and of course the Gana from Ganachaud rue des Pyrenées. The buckwheat and the walnut bread from Boulangerie de Monge. Walnut bread from Kayser too, no question. Baguette from Gosselin, no question either.

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        Correct, the bread from different locations of Grenier and Flute la Gana are different, while those from Poilane and Kayser are the same. Also forgot the Tourtre from Les Pains et les Idees, like Gosselin as well

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          Pichard was wonderful, top notch, thanks

        2. Le Figaroscope announced its meilleure baguette de paris 2008 today -- Au Duc de la Chapelle, made by a 29-year-old boulanger, Anis Bouabsa. He also supplies the bread to the Palais de l'Elysée! A few of your other faves also made the top five: le grenier à pain and Kayser. Here's a link to the article:

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            Been there many times. Right next to a garden, place Rachmaninoff, that is almost completely bamboo, really otherworldly. Trouble, while the bread is indeed great, real pain in the can to get to. At last northern stop of ligne 12, and long distance in time. Staff is lovely, and their patissierie is great as well. He won a meilleur some years back for that too. Would certainly recommend a visit but for a daily trip too much time