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Sep 28, 2008 06:31 AM

ISO instant espresso powder

have search the local loblaws, dominions, sobeys and no frills but cannot find.

need it for baking... please let me know where you have seen this product in toronto or etobicoke.

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  1. Surely the recipe author is using a simple, silly, short-cut. An ounce of real espreeso should work, or else dense drip or press coffee.

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    1. re: jayt90

      Not likely - there are many recipes that want you to use instant espresso not to make into espresso and add to the recipe but instead to add espresso flavour without adding liquid - like in espresso ice cream for example.

      1. re: LovelyAsia

        Recipes are a starting point. If there is an opportunity to avoid overprocessed powders in ice cream custard, or baking, then a shot of real espresso is going to be my substitution.

    2. Plain old Medaglia d'Oro instant espresso is usually widely available at Loblaws, Longo's, Highland Farms. It works nicely for baking, too.

      1. i have a sample of nescafe espresso powder in my cupboard right now .. maybe that means it's a new product?

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        1. re: halugii

          I bought some Nescafe instant espresso about a year ago at Supercentre (Loblaw's).

        2. I got some at the Bruno's at Dundas West and Royal York. Usually the italian grocers would have them. It was a very tiny jar and very easy to miss on the shelves.

          1. I too had an awful time finding it, I looked everywhere. Domino's, downstairs in the St. Lawrence Market is where I ended up getting it.