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Best Turkish and Greek in NYC

Taking out our two teenage daughters who both love Turkish and Greek food - looking for a fun place - lively - a bit of a scene - good food and in the range of $30 to $50 per person.

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  1. For Turkish I love Zeytin on 85th and Columbus Ave.


    1. I like Ali Baba, on 34th between 3rd & 2nd. for Turkish. For meze - I like Ouzeria on 51st & 9th. Then for fish I like Periyali also like Kellari Taverna on 44th, between 5th & 6th.

      1. Turkish Kitchen.

        Molyvos for Greek seafood.

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          RGR had recommended Turkish Kitchen to me last week, and it was great. It's on Third Ave between 27th and 28th, a very hopping young area. The food was great, my friends I met there all loved it, and it certainly has a trendy look/vibe.

        2. My 2 favorite Turkish places are Sip Sak at 49th & 2nd and Beyoglu at 81st & 3rd.

          1. For Greek, I'm a big fan of Uncle Nick's Ouzaria on 9th avenue. You can get an assortment of small plates, which can be fun. You can easily get lots of small plates and stay under $30 each. I particularly like the baked tomato with feta, the seafood plate, the spicy meatballs in tomato sauce, and they have some excellent lamb dishes. Plus, you can always go the flaming cheese route, which is exciting.

            1. I haven't tried Epcol's recommendations, but of Zeytin, Turkish Kitchen, Turkuaz, Pasha, Azdeniz, and Ali Baba, all of which I eat at regularly, I like Pasha best for its excellent selection of mezes and often excellent hunkar begendi. I like Ali Baba best for its kebabs.

              For Greek, the restaurants I more commonly frequent are Ethos, Milos, Uncle Nick's, Molyvos, Anthos, Snack, and Kefi. For fish and seafood, I like Ethos best (Milos is also very good, but Ethos is much better value). I like Kefi best for Greek inspired small plates.

              For fun atmosphere, Ali Baba and Molyvos are probably your best bets. None of the places I mention are stuffy, except possibly Milos and Anthos -- which aren't really stuffy, just more staid. =)

              Happy eats!

              1. I like Ali Baba for Turkish. Pylos is fun for Greek.

                1. another vote for Ali Baba, great lunch special,

                  Doner Kabab for main, and eggplant with sauce for appetizer. yum

                  1. for greek i really like kefi and ammos. molyvos is not bad if youre in that area, and ethos is always really good. uncle nicks is ok but really touristy. if you feel like spending a lot for seafood (market prices) then milos and thalassa are good choices.
                    if you like late dinners, there is a real scene at ammos saturday nites with live music..but think dinner at 10-11 pm...

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                      I think Pylos and Snack are the best Greek options in the city.

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                        Love love love Kefi. Their meatballs were quite possibly the best I've ever had. I look forward to trying some of these other recs!

                      2. Have you gotten any suggestions to your question in the areas closer to Chelsea or the Flatiron district? Love Turkish/Greek and similar and looking for closer spot to hotel when next in NYC. Thanks!

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                          We went to Turkish Kitchen and we loved the food and the ambiance - in the 20's on the east side but worth the trip east.

                        2. For real Greek and a lot of scene, you should head out to Astoria. I recommend S'agapo or Stamatis.

                          1. Greek - definitely Ethos or Pylos.....if you're willing to go to Astoria Ammos or Stamatis...theres a few others

                            Turkish, not sure myself

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                              Stamatis was a great meal, but if you are staying in NYC, I would suggest Avra or Milos

                            2. We wound up taking a chance and going to Dervish at 146 West 47th Street as we were nearby at Rockefeller Center. Had a fantastic deal of a lunch for $17.95 per person. It included 2 courses with a number of choices each. We each ordered something different so we could share. Enjoyed their eggplant appetizer (like babaganoush) and their turkish salad. Half of each mixed together was wonderful. Their bread basket contains a foccacia type of bread with black and regular sesame seeds that was yummy. I love soumack(sp?) so we asked for a side dish of the red lemony/salty spice which we sprinkled liberally on everything. For the main course, my husband had adoner kabab (lamb)which came on a bed of a piece of pita bread, rice pilaf and some veggies; I had cubes of lamb -- more like stewed chunks --drizzled with a thin red tomato-based sauce (not sure what was in it) and it was served in a large bowl over pureed seasoned eggplant. We also shared some turkish chai (hot tea) which they didn't charge us for! So good tasty meal, very reasonable (for NYC).

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                                Nice choice! I love their veg offerings, especially the mihrap borek and okra casserole.

                              2. Beyoglu on the Upper East Side (82nd and 3rd) is affordable and delicious. You can get a bunch of small plates (I recommend dill yogurt sauce, humus, grilled shrimp, fried eggplant/tomato salad, shepherds salad ask for some feta on that) and some wine for a very reasonable price (prob around $60). Check it out.

                                Kefi on the Upper West has awesome Greek but its a break from the traditional. Definitely worth a stop in. Get the grilled squid appetizer and the rabbit pasta entree.