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Le Gourmet - BYOB in North Wales

Has anyone tried this place yet? I think it's been open for about a month.

It's on Main Street in North Wales, right around the corner from the Tex Mex. The are open Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

The owners are from Doylestown, where they had a small cafe. Apparently, the chef used to work at the Brasserie 73 in Skippack.

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  1. Interesting. We were just talking about where we wanted to go tonight and I read your post. I tried to Google as well as 411.com and I find nothing on this restaurant.

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      Crazyspice, if you go, post a review. I'll see if I can get my boyfriend to go this coming weekend.

      As you are coming into North Wales, (heading away from Merck), you come to that traffic light where you turn for the Tex Mex, if you continue straight, it's maybe 3-4 doors up on the left hand side.

      I found this little blurb..maybe I didn't have the whole name... Le Gourmet European Bistro


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        The site is having technical difficulties. Next Saturday is Girl's Night Out and we alway attempt a new BYOB experience. I will definitely check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

    2. I haven't head any buzz about this place. Has anyone been here?

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        Found this article which I think was written by the guy that does the reviews in the Trend paper - http://www.philly.com/community/pa/mo...

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          Thanks for posting that bucksguy. Sounds like it is a must try.

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            Give us a review after you've eaten there1

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              I went last night. Two people, $60 with tip. Place is nice, servers were pleasant.. food was good. Two caesar salads, one gnocchi plain, and one risotto di mare... salads were good, seafood and spicy sauce were good, gnocchi and risotto were ok...
              The bread and the dipping oil were VERY good and interesting.
              The menu is extensive and has lots of ways to work it... salads, soups, apps.. entrees were fairly interesting and they had a lot of specials.
              They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have a nice seating area as mentioned above... seems like a nice place.. will go back and try again. Lunch menu looks promising... definitely worth a try..

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                A very promising place; we've lunched there, and I'm eager for dinner. Pasta fagioli soup was, delicious, salads were good, grilled shrimp sandwich excellent, whipped ricotta cheese cake with carmelized crust and hint of pear was fantastic. Seating is comfortable and service accomodating.

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          We went last night and it was not good, food was cold, veggies were not fresh and to top it off there was a fly in our sparkling water. The server could have cared less. I would never go back!

        3. Do not go !! Food is fair, eggplant appetizer was full of bread crumbs, no flavor at all. Salmon was cold ,vegetables were not fresh, the rack of lamb was served off the bone, rolled up and cold! The server never told me that it was not on the bone. There was a fly in our sparkling water.
          In general, not very good.

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            I just went there with a group of 10 and food was served not to order (missing certain advertised parts), cold and 3 crab cake dishes were served 3 different ways w/ diferent veggies, presentation, sauces, mine had lemon. Service was sub par. One would enjoy a better meal @ an Outback or Chili's than a supposed French bistro themed reject!!

          2. I have been there a few times hoping the place would improve since I would love to support local restaurants. I have been there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food remains nearly inedible and presentation is not good. Wrong food combinations, not fresh, no seasoning or flavor profile, etc. etc. I recently went for dinner and after a few bites, was hardpressed to continue finishing the meal. For instance, the risotto was mushy and not seasoned. The menu is extensive but not there is no cohesive vision. It continues to rank one of the worst restaurants. The owner and chef is on site so the quality of food is inexcusable.

            1. DInner is bad, but it remains a fine place for lunch - salads, sandwiches, pastafagioli, grilled vege sandwich with mediterranian spices.
              Dinner is bad. Bread is the usual frozen stuff rewarmed in the oven. Service amateurish - disorganized turned to sullen when we had any issues. Mussles were fine, eggplant ordinary frozenish. Grilled lamb chops and steamed sea bass were nicely done, but ordinary and unadorned. Main dishes were accompanied by formerly frozen vegetable melange - broccoli, carrots. Accompanying risotto was overcoooked, underflavored and mushy. Some of the desserts were OK - stick to the simpler ones.

              1. Had lunch there today - found the menu to have lots of interesting choices and things I would like to try. Had falafel pita which was good. My only concern is I noticed a lot of secondhand smoke while dining in the restaurant - this would need to be fixed before I will return.

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                  has anyone tried this le gourmet recently, it was featured on channel 10 tuesday 9/1/9 always looking for a good byob thanks roger in north wales

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                    From the posts above it looks like a decent place for lunch, however went once for dinner and was not particularly impressed. Have to agree with the above posts....... Everything was mediocre - not bad, but not good. Thought it was expensive for the quality of the food. To be honest, kinda surprised they highlighted this place.

                2. Disappointed. After reading an interesting local newspaper restaurant review neither food or service lived up to the review. Presentation was poor and sliced lamb shank was served in place a $30 lamb chop special. The dish was returned and the waiter avoided our table for the reminder of the evening. My wife also, noticed two other tables sending back entrees. Not worth a second chance.

                  1. What an abysmal disappointment this place is. My wife has been there three times and I went once. Of the four visits, not a single one was considered pleasant. The time I went we had stopped in for a quick breakfast. It took no less than 20 minutes for a sausage egg and cheese sandwich and a veggie omelette to be cooked. 20 minutes! The place wasn't at all busy either. And when the food finally did come it was worth neither the wait nor the price. My sandwich was over $5 and consisted of maybe two eggs, an ounce or two of sausage that was chopped up and cooked inside the egg - a convenient way to hide the fact that they used such an insignificant amount of meat, for sure. And I couldn't detect any cheese. There really wasn't any flavor at all. It really speaks volumes for a "bistro" when they completely fail at a simple breakfast.

                    That's not even taking into consideration another time my wife went there, and instead of informing her that they were out of arugula, brought her a different salad altogether, assuming she was too stupid to know the difference.

                    Being a resident of North Wales I am thoroughly dissappointed with this epic failure of an establishment.

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                      I hate to say this, but I've been waiting for this place to go out of business and something better to come along to occupy the space!

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                        I know Doylestown pretty well. Who are the owners, and what cafe did they have there? I'm very curious. Anyone know?