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Sep 28, 2008 06:15 AM

Mandarin Oriental Dining

Has anyone tried any of the new dining options at the Manadarin Oriental yet. I've booked a client lunch for Thursday at Sel de la Terre and am wondering if we'd be better off at the State Street location. Thanks.

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  1. We've been to the Sel de la Terre at the Mandarin three times since it opened. I've also booked lunch there this week. The food has been right on each visit and the service caring and informed and eager top please. With each visit, I can see the opening misques, that were there and naturally forgiven, from first visit disappear. I think you and your client will enjoy it.

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      If you're going to Sel de la Terre, take a walk through the corridor behind the hotel to Lord & Taylor. The entire kitchen is viewable through plate glass windows onto the hallway, with sauces strategically placed at about eye level at the prep area so that the chefs can't watch you watching them.

      You'll get to see where your food is coming from.

      1. re: patiofixture

        I didn't know that! I'll have to go and take a look. Thanks patio!

        1. re: patiofixture

          Patio, I really enjoyed lurking behind the kitchen yesterday, watching them work. Thanks again for letting us know about this. I took some photos and posted them and credited you for the find.

          I know this is going to be on my walks from now on and there is a wonderful garden just outside. I can see having a quiet lunch there and then spending a few minutes watching the action.

          I want to settle into a nook back there at about 9 pm on a Saturday night and enjoy the choreography!


      2. My sister and I lunched at Sel de la Terre last Tuesday. We got there a little late and the place was not crowded. The service was flawless and the food exceptionally good. We were doing the three course lunch special and since they were out of the appetizer and dessert, they gave us free choice from the menu. I did ask is they were connected to the walk way that links them to the Pru and no one seemed to know about that. Thanks for that info, I'll check it out next week.

        1. Thanks tons! Sounds like everything is up to par and I love that corridor walk idea. I am all for the open kitchen concept!

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