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Sep 28, 2008 02:44 AM

Good place for dessert in South Bay/Peninsula?

Anyone have suggestions for a good place for dessert in the South Bay or Peninsula? I'm looking for a place that would be nice to go to after dinner to hang out and have some sweets, so it would need to be open after 8pm. A dessert cafe would be perfect, but I don't know of any south of San Francisco.

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  1. Lots of options - perhaps you can narrow down your request? You're saying you can't find a single place that serves desert after 8pm between San Mateo and Gilroy?

    La Tartine in redwood city is a new place I haven't tried. Just about every cafe in my town has deserts and is open past 8 - for example, Cafe Barrone in Menlo Park (closed sunday) or Cuppa Cafe in PA.

    On the party/restaurant side, I love NOLA's (in PA's) begnet sampler, it can be quiet upstairs on the late side, they serve all manner of alcohol. The kitchen closes kind of early (10?), but since it's a bar the place is open till 1am. Can get rowdy.

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      I was just at La Tartine in RWC and we chatted 'til midnight and they still didn't show signs of closing. Shocking for a peninsula place. I had tea, my friend had coffee and a mousse cake and seemed to like it.

    2. Shokkolaat on University in Palo Alto - very chic.

      516 University Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94301

      1. I second Cafe Barrone. In addition to the above mentioned places, there's Satura Cakes in Palo Alto & now in Campbell too. Looks like the Los Altos branch closes early.

        1. For something different but casual, there's Dessert Republic in San Mateo near the theater. It has Chinese desserts and interesting murals on the walls. We like Egg Puffs, and mango pudding.
          they are open late.