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Sep 28, 2008 01:49 AM

locale 34th ave and 33rd st

someone needs to start a thread about this place. its been here for three years and the re is a line out the door for brunch. i've been there a dozen times and i hesitate to write about it because it is around the corner, small and crowded enough.

i brought my parents for dinner early on a saturday and they were impressed. my mothers's steak was not shared . father commented that his salmon w/ sesame crust was cooked perfectly. the service was friendly, model-goodlooking and well informed regarding the ingredients in the specials. i like the pear and walnut salad, the mussels in red sauce ( even though i got some grit last time) and the chicken in fig sauce.

don't order the tortellini ( frozen )
the hollandaise is nice
veggies tend toward al-dente

i am curious what you other hounds think...

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  1. Out of curiosity, I just did a Search and read several rave reviews of this Restaurant. Many claim its one of the best Restaurants in Astoria and I never heard of it. Sadly, they don't do lunch and I only do lunch. You're fortunate that you're so close.

    1. I have been recommending and going here for 2 years...what a great looking definitely is an Astoria "top ten" locale (ha ha a pun.)