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Sep 28, 2008 01:25 AM

Le Creuset non-stick pans

I am thinking of replacing my teflon-coated non-stick pans and would like something that is good quality and long-lasting. I noticed that Le Creuset has a range of "toughened" non-stick pans out but they seem pricey. Are they worth it? Happy to pay the price if they really are. I own some of their cast-iron enamel pots which I have treasured in the past (great for long-cooking stews in the oven, for example) and I have no regrets about what I paid but I wonder if this extends to their non-stick pans. Also, could anyone shed some light on what is the latest on non-stick surfaces being toxic, carcinogenic, etc. Is this something of the past and nothing to worry about with current high-quality products?

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  1. I don't have any LC non-stick pans, but love my Swiss Diamond one. There have been a number of threads on Swiss Diamond - it does contain the chemicals contained in Teflon. Apparently SD claims that because of the way they are incorporated into the surface, they are not problematic, but others on the board disagree. I don't have an opinion on that one way or the other, but have been very happy with my pan.

    1. Hi, while I LOVE my Le Creuset dutch ovens, I very rarely use my non-stick fry pan.
      I find that my seasoned thrift store cast irons and/or my all clad fry pans do a MUCH better job.
      I used to live for non-stick, but I now prefer to cook with either spray oil or ample enough butter or oil to do the job.

      1. Nonstick pans as we know them have been banned in this country as they are a health hazaard. Manufacturers have by a certain date to stop producing them. Dupont is even developing "green" nonstick pans without PFOA and PTFE. There are several lines out now that use this new technology, but as they are first generation they have some issues. I would learn how to use stainless, and not rely on nonstick except for maybe one or two pans for eggs and fish.

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          No, they aren't banned here. They are working to removed PFOA and PTFE, but there's no law against selling them. There is a voluntary phase-out.

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            I had meant to say there's a ban on them that will take several years for companies to have to
            implement. They are allowed to be sold up until that date. Companies have been given that time in order to phase them out, and phase in new nonstick alternatives. Sorry!

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              Blondelle, which country are you in? There are no bans on nonstick pans, nor any Teflon(R) or PTFE product in the United States, and I'm unaware of any such ban anywhere else in the world.

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                I'm talking about a future ban as I've just explained. Manufacturers will not be allowed to sell them after a certain date.

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                  As of today, no law has been passed in the United States, nor is any in any stage of legislation, that bans any sort of non-stick cookware now, or at any date in the future. The EPA has *requested* that chemical companies phase out the use of PFOA in the manufacture of PTFE (Teflon), and California has *limited* PFOA being used in the manufacture of food packaging ( fast-food wrappers, pizza boxes, beverage containers , etc) to 10 ppb in the finished product.

                  The problem is that California has no provision for enforcement, because neither they nor the EPA has the authority to actually ban PFOA.

                  On a side note, that may be a good thing if you live in California, as the bill also bans perfluorooctane sulfate (PFOS), which is used in something like 90% of all carpeting and furniture fabrics as an anti-stain compound. Got a nice expensive sofa you want to sell on Craigslist so you can get something newer? Sorry, against the law as of 2010 if it's stain resistant. Teflon frying pans? Completely legal. Even after 2015.

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                    Just provide a link or something to point people to a place they can read the info on it and it'll sort out any confusion. Thanks!

              2. I am dubious. I looked around the LC web site and didn't see any explanation of "toughened," or what the material is made of. Myself, I use an inexpensive Vollrathfor eggs and such and otherwise use non non-stick.

                1. I too have an enameled cast iron pot - La chasseur which I believe is like Le Creuset's poorer cousin but it is fabulous.

                  However, when in comes to non-stick pans I think I would opt for scanpan. Rather than teflon they use a non-stick ceramic titanium surface which means you can use metal utensils and if necessary use a scouring pad to clean it (although have to wonder why this would ever be necessary in a non-stick pan) anyway my sister swears by hers.

                  As regards the health concerns as far as I'm aware they apply to cheaper non-stick cook wear, particularly when they start to shed their non-stick surface.