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Sep 27, 2008 10:22 PM


Some of us want to live why is it 10:30 pm and still no reports?? Was it that good? That bad?? details, folks, details.....

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      Oh, and since the other thread was locked, I'd like to note that the Folsom Street Fair is not just on Sunday.

      Anyway, how was attendance? Up or down?

      1. re: Atomica

        I am hoping that fearless leader Marlon will start a reporting thread, with a link to home cooking for recipes when he wakes up today! :-) Like Ruth, I am still a bit in food coma. The picnic was wonderful, and the beer tastings, cool chicken salad, and gelatos were particularly appreciated in the warm weather. Attendance was similar to last year, and there was plenty, even more than plenty, of delicious food.

        Since the issue of conflicting events has been pointed out I would like to point out that reservations for any of the good (and popular) group picnic sites at bay area parks must be made almost a year in advance, or you can't get them. We made our reservations for this year the first day we could, which IIRC was November 1 of last year. It is almost impossible to find a weekend in September and October when there isn't a conflict with some other festival. (the year before this one, the conflict was with fleet week and the bluegrass festival, for example. This year we had the opening of the Academy of Science, Folsom St etc (and we were just thanking our lucky stars we didn't decide to do it in Golden Gate Park; parking and transportation at Tilden was a relative breeze!). However, If anyone feels that they can find a date with no conflicts, we'd love you to join our planning group (you can email me for details, my email is in my profile), or at least email me suggested dates (or dates to avoid if it conflicts with your own favorite festival) ASAP. We will need to be deciding next year's date very, very soon (within a few weeks). We would also love to have your ideas and help with planning! This is a volunteer event, and help is always needed!

        Personally, the Chowhound picnic is my favorite food event of the year, and I look forward to next year!

    2. What picnic? Just kidding, I still recover from the food and the heat.