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Where to find Ceylon Cinnamon??

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I'm making Edna Lewis' apple cake and am hoping to find ceylon cinnamon which the recipe calls for. Anyone know where I could find this?? I made it without last week and it was amazing, but would like to try it with the proper cinnamon. Ideas?

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  1. penzey's sells a very fresh. very good ceylon cinnamon through their catalog, so i am guessing they'd have it @ their grand central location.

    1. You could check w/ Kalustyan as well.

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        Where is Kalustyan located? I've never heard of either of these places! Spice markets? Which makes me wonder if Aphrodesia on Bleecker might sell it...

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          Kalustyan is wonderful, though some think it's overpriced. To me, it's very convenient as it carries a large range of 'ethnic' ingredients.

          123 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016

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