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Sep 27, 2008 09:45 PM

Le Peep - Shrewsbury?

On my way to dinner tonight I noticed a sign for a forthcoming Le Peep restaurant on the old Java Moon site at 431 Broad St./Rt. 35 in Shrewsbury. This is great news to me as I recall enjoying many good breakfasts at the one located in Edison in Wick Plaza. Now all we need in Monmouth County is an Original Pancake House (as well as a Trader Joes) and I'll be happy. :)

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  1. Le Peep in Edison - what fond memories. My wife and I must have ate breakfast there a hunderd times in the nineties. Yes this would be a nice addition to the central Monmouth area.

    1. I nominate the former Foodtown location in Shrewsbury for Trader Joes.

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      1. re: fershore

        I don't think I could stand having a TJ around here. All that low cost Belgian chocolate. Would be bad.

        1. re: fershore

          My wife has emailed Trader Joes at least 6 times in the past year to put one in the former Acme location in Mount's Crossing in Freehold. She really wants one nearby (or at least somewhere in Monmouth). No response to any of the emails.

          1. re: jsfein

            I don't think I was ever in a Trader Joes. Are they in CA? I think I went into one there and bought some crazy organic guava juice...but I don't remember the name of the store. Is the closest one to us in Westfield? (Sorry...I did not google this before posting)

            Someone once gave me a case of that horrible 2 buck Chuck wine..blah!!! I could'nt give that crap away!

            Looks like I will have to visit Mojave Grill and then Trader Joes!! :)

            1. re: jsfein

              so did I! maybe with the both of us, we can both convince them to open one there! Has your wife ever tried Wholefoods Market as well? I've been trying there, too. :)

              1. re: wench31

                That's too funny. We haven't been to Whole Foods. A little too far from Freehold to Middletown.

              2. re: jsfein

                oh gosh i'm joining the campaign! I live 5 minutes from there.

                1. re: mbw1024

                  Another vote for TJ's in Shrewsbury, fantastic idea! We recently moved down from Boston and are seriously missing Trader Joes. I'll join you in emailing them with the recommendation!

                  1. re: missnicole5

                    Keep e-mailing TJ's! We hounded them for years, and finally got one on Route 1 in Princeton! -mJ

                  2. re: missnicole5

                    Back to Le Peep - Has anyone driven past the site lately who can advise on their progress or expected opening date? Per a listing on craigs list, they had expected to open by the end of September. No news on the Le Peep site about this location as of yet.

                    1. re: bgut1

                      Drove by on my way to R/B this Tues and noted a sign, hiring.

                      1. re: bgut1

                        I have been told that tonight (Thursday, 10/16) is opening night. There were several cars in the parking lot last night, presumably for training. I wonder how long it'll be before we can expect a reasonable wait time?

                        1. re: bgut1

                          I was heading up Rt 35 and pulled into the parking lot. The sign says the hours are 7 - 2:30. They have wifi. It looked ready to open... ketchup bottles, etc, on all the tables.

                          1. re: val ann c

                            Thanks for the update val ann c.
                            I'm guessing the place will be packed for awhile.

                            1. re: HillJ

                              Looks like breakfast at Le Peep this weekend :)

                              1. re: bgut1

                                Looks like Thurs for me but I look forward to your review!

                                1. re: bgut1

                                  I'm happy to report that the food is as good as I recall having at the Edison Le Peep. I had a take on Eggs Benedict with chorizo, salsa, and sour cream while my wife had one of the skillets with scrambled eggs, sausage and potatoes. The eggs were cooked perfectly. My kids enjoyed the chocolate chip pancakes, thick cut bacon , bacon and cheese omelette, and the ubiquitous chicken fingers with french fries. We found the food to be on par to even slightly better than Amy's Omelettes in Long Branch (except that Amy's had a wider menu selection). Other nice food touches include serving fresh squeezed orange juice.
                                  Now for the criticisms. Although it’s been years since I have been to the original Le Peep in Edison, I seem to remember it as being cozy and not "chain-ish". This location has the opposite feel. Shoe horning this restaurant into its current quarters (various doors to nowhere) along with the design (photos of food items which adorn the walls) makes you feel that you are eating in a cold restaurant chain. While the space doesn't work, it will not keep me from returning as the food was quite good. Service could also improve however it is to be expected from a restaurant that has only recently opened. Good Luck. BTW, see the picture below for an idea of the design of the restaurant.

                    2. Oh happy day! I loved the few Le Peep meals I had in the Edison location. Thanks for the heads up!

                      1. I heard that Trader Joes is coming to Shrewsbury or Tinton Falls. A friend was speaking to the manager of the Westfield store, begging them to come to the Red Bank area. My friend learned that they looked in Red Bank, but due to parking issues they couldn't come to Red Bank, but Shrewsbury/T.F was looking good. From the Trader Joes that I remember in Baltimore/Wash DC area, the stores are smaller than the now empty Foodtown. Are other Trader Joes that large?

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                          I took my family to Le Peep this morning for breakfast and we all left happy. OK, so it's not as aesthetically pleasing a space as some others. Big deal. It's a breakfast/lunch joint, not a supper club.

                          We had a burger, soup, eggs and french toast and it was all good. Sooo much better than when Java Moon was there. We are looking forward to eating our way through the menu ;o)

                        2. I wanted Le Peep to be good. After 3 attempts, I've given up. The coffee is always too strong, and the food is always delivered to the table too cold. How can dishes finished in a skillet in the oven be cold? The cheese melts, but the place somehow defies the laws of physics. Even the pancakes are a mess. Its a shame, but Le Peep will not last in 2009.

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                          1. re: amv

                            Finally visited yesterday, I had an spinach-mushroom omelet, a side of sausage - juice and coffee. Only 8 tables and my diced potatoes arrived cold (I actually prefer shredded home fries). English muffin was a nice touch but it was also cold. Coffee was clearly old and very bitter tasting. Maybe one more visit - but I prefer the Americana Diner.

                            1. re: stickman731

                              finally tried this location, usually go to the edison one. their pancakes, which i always get in the edison one, are not that great. the consistency was different and they just sort of fell apart. this was after sending them back because they had no blueberries in them. i thought the coffee was good. probably will stick with edison.