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Sep 27, 2008 09:14 PM

Japanese Bakery in Philly or Montco area?

I recently visited Cambridge, MA, my home for 4 wonderful years. While I was there I went to my fave bakery the Japonaise Bakery in the Porter Square Exchange. After I stocked up on my must have goodies it occurred to me to ask my fellow Chowers if they could recommend a good Japanese bakery in the Philly area. It seems such a shame to go so long between azuki bean cream puffs, shoku pan and potato croquette sandwiches!!

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  1. Maido! in Narberth has a small bakers' rack next to the lunch counter, with various pastries -- cream buns, for instance, and often shokupan, although never a chocolate horn, which is what I crave. The newly remodeled H Mart on Cheltenham Avenue is supposed to be getting a Paris Baguette, and there's one around the corner on 5th street. I really liked the bakery that used to be in that H Mart -- they had shokupan AND chocolate horns!

    I would love to see more answers to this question as well -- maybe there's somewhere in Chinatown? Right now, when I really need my fix, I make the trip to Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ.

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      Thanks! I will definitly check out Maido! Sounds great!!!