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Sep 27, 2008 09:13 PM

NEW: Calif. Academy of Science, SF - Did u fight the crowds & eat there - The Piazza/ Cafe/ Moss Room? Short report w/ pics

It was crazy busy today the first day. Some lady & her 2 kids were the first ones at 5:30AM! Crazy nuts. Even at 8am the lines were around the corner & down the streets. They didn't open the doors until 9:30am.

We had a simple lunch in the open space right near the entrance - The Piazza. They have 2 small areas that serve food: ready made salads/sandwiches/snacks/drinks on the Left; on the Right side: ready made sandwiches/ soup: chowder or minestone/ salad. I got the half soup & salad deal at $9. The guy doesn't fill the small cup up & the Caesar salad is just average. Comes with a roll. You can get the salad with or without cheese. CASH ONLY.


They have different stations to pick from. Soup (I didn't see it), sandwich, slow cooked, noodles, sizzle, taco man, bar, bakery, steamed, rolls, salad.

Slow cook had: meatballs $9.5; bbq ribs $11; curried chicken $10.5; pumpkin stew $8.5; lamb tajine $10. Slow cook sides: stir fry $6/ cous cous $3/ polenta $4/ jasmine rice $2/ organic brown rice $3

sandwiches: almond butter 6.5; hummus $8.5; tuna $8.5; turkey $8.5; pork $8.5

salad: tuna nicoise $10.5/ mixed greens $8/ Greek $8

Taco Man: pork tacos $8.5/ quesadilla $6/ chips & salsa $4.5/ guac $3/ escabeche $3

Noodles: penne pesto/ spaghetti/ rice noodles = all $10.5 ea

Steamed: chicken or veggie bun $3 ea

ice-cream sandwiches ready made: chocolate ice cream sandwiches $5 ea. 2 chocolate chocolates & looks like vanilla ice cream inside. Ginger ice cream sandwiches $5 ea = possibly 2 ginger cookies sandwiches by vanilla ice cream.

coffee bar - someone will make the drinks for you

Cold drinks: iced tea $2.5 - glass of wine $8

Moss Room: only took a quick pic of the menu, only serving lunch so far 11:30-2:30pm. I got to say Hi to Charles Phan & got a pic.

Any reports?

My pics:

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  1. You and B are brave hhc! It was indeed a crazy scene. We were up in the city primarily to see the Kahlo exhibit in the early evening, so decided to stop by the Academy of Sciences opening around 1pm. We parked on MLK near the little lakes and as we were walking uphill, a number of people walking towards us were all grumbling about how it was "sold out" for the day. We shrugged our shoulders and continued onward to check out the scene nevertheless.

    The courtyard area had bad live music going on, and the landscaping was quite unfinished. The line out front snaked around endlessly, and I heard a few people say that it was currently a 4 hour wait!! Even if we could get a ticket, we would need to be at Kahlo by then, so no thanks. I can't see waiting more than one hour, but that's me.

    In the outdoor food area, I saw a big sign for "Primavera Tamales" so we headed in that direction. The lines were so long that I didn't bother to get closer to view specific offerings of any food booth. We weren't hungry since we had stopped at Ramen Halu in San Jose for lunch which I will post on later.

    We walked past the two rows of port-o-potties (sp?) towards the de Young to at least go to the observation deck. Thanks to CH, I picked up that one didn't have to have a museum ticket for entry to the tower of their museum. It was a great view and a much more civilized way to enjoy the Academy of Sciences. :-) We'll definitely come back on a less crowded day and happily pay the entry fee. Thanks for your insider report!

    Academy Cafe
    55 Music Concourse Dr, San Francisco, CA

    1. Well that's eye-opening and somewhat expected as to this long awaited opening. As we visit in a couple of weeks, it appears that even pre ordering may 'shut us out'. Let's see as I toggle onto that site.

      Oh we'll still be in the park one afternoon, with lunch targeted at Marnee Thai (if anything for it's proximity and quality).


      1. Many, many thanks, hhc, for your wonderfully thorough report! My husband and I will be travelling from Peoria, IL to San Francisco in a few months to meet up with his parents. We have tickets to the Academy of Sciences and we were wondering if the food offerings there would work for us for lunch that day. It's very clear from your report and pictures that it will NOT. Maybe the Moss Room will be better, but the Cafe seems to have all the charm of a middle-school cafeteria! Thanks to a recommendation at my recent post ( ), I think we'll be eating at Park Chow that day!
        Thanks again for taking one for the team!