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Sep 27, 2008 08:42 PM

Bulk Foods


I am fairly new to fact, Canada for that matter. U of T student. I am looking for someplace that is TTC accessible that has cheap bulk dried fruits, nuts, and spices. Obviously, I may have to go to more than one place. I stress the cheap - i am the model of the poor college student these days.

Any help would be great!

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  1. Welcome to Canada! You're going to love it here. It would help if you said what neighbourhood you're in or the nearest major intersection to where you wish to shop. Toronto has plenty of choices.

    Since you say UofT, I'll start with Kensington Market. It isn't a store, but a neighbourhood with tons of small stores and restaurants. Plenty of cheap, but worthy, options.

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      Definitely go to Tutti Fruitti in Kensington. It is a healthfood store with great prices (less expensive than Noah's or Big Carrot) on bulk nuts and dried fruit. Very clean with high turnover. I buy most of my ingredients for granola and trail mix there.

    2. maybe not the cheapest but the most convenient to you is the Noah's Natural Foods on Bloor.

      Agree with Googs on Kensington Market.

      You could also try St.Lawrence Market if you feel like venturing out.

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        Thanks! I am actually in Cabbagetown, but was planning on a trip to Kensington quite soon. I just really want to find some place to buy like 5 pounds each of various dried fruits and nuts to make my own trail mix and energy bars, but so far everywhere has been too expensive, so again thanks!

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          Have you tried Lennie's Wholesale Foods on the east side of Parliament right at Carlton? Lots of bulk in the back. Not sure if their prices are what you're looking for, but I can tell you that the quality is there.

          Cabbagetown may seem like a small neighbourhood at first, but you can find great food both cheap and expensive. You'll see once you've walked the streets for a while.

      2. Bulk Barn is always great. Lots of selection and super cheap.

        The closest is probably the one by Lakeshore by/in the Loblaws down there (I've never been to that location). I used to go to the Scarborough Town Centre location and when I used to work out there. A bit of a trek but super TTC accessible.

        Another spot is the bulk store in the Yonge-Eglinton Centre. It's small but has a decent selection of nuts, flour, dried fruits etc. It's across from the PharmPlus and hasn't been open on Sundays recently.


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          There's also another Bulk Barn at Danforth/Victoria Park, accessible from Victoria Park subway, or #12 bus if you've got lots of shopping... also at Victoria Park/Eglinton by the No Frills. There could be more, but those are the ones I know of.