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Sep 27, 2008 07:52 PM

Impressive Sat. night dinner with new bf and his friends

My relatively new boyfriend and I are heading up to San Francisco from L.A. next weekend for a wedding and we're having dinner Sat. night with another couple who are old, dear friends of his from New York. Since I've never met them, I'm channeling my nervousness into picking the "perfect" restaurant. I've done a little research and have reservations at Delfina, Kokkari and Two, and now I'm not sure which one we should go to. My prime concern is quality of food followed by atmosphere - it should feel cool and have a vibe, but not be too loud or trying too hard. Advice?

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  1. Of those three, I'd pick Delfina. I love the food at Kokkari, but it's definitely not a cool or vibey place. I haven't been to Two, but Delfina has good food, a fun environment, but is relaxed and a nice place for that kind of gathering. Plus, it's in a great location for post dinner drinks.

    1. I don't think you can go wrong with Kokkari; although I prefer to be seated in the front room. Service has always been flawless and food excellent. My friends who like lamb always order that. It's a beautiful place and not too loud. Tables are not too close.

      1. Never been to Two, but I think it depends on what area you want to be in or where you are staying. I live in the mission but Kokkari and a drink at Toscas after would be a great night. Delfina is good too but if you are staying across town I would go save the time/cab ride/parking.