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Review of Graziella

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We went to Graziella on McGill college tonight for dinner to celebrate my mother's birthday and everyone was happy with the experience. It is a beautiful restaurant that incorporated the brick and the old rock in the design with a modern twist. The food was excellent! Here is what we had:

Appetizers: I had the tuna...rare with capers, cranberries and other little sides and it was simply incredible....Others had the scallops and they were simply excellent. My niece had the passitella but exchanged with my father that had the magret de canard because she did not like hers and my father's magret de canard was excellent. The passitella was good but not as astounding as the others.

Entrées: I had the osso bucco with a safran risotto and it was excellent. My sister-in-law had the ravioli with faisan in it and it was excellent also. Others had the magret de canard and the veal filet mignon and it was also excellent.

I have nothing but raves for this restaurant. The food was simply incredible. We tasted everyone's plates and we all liked them. However, the wine does not come cheap. There is nothing under 45$. We had 2 Italian wines, La Rasina and Montesecundo, that were great.

I did not have dessert but those who did enjoyed them. I did not see the bill because my brother insisted on picking it up but the appetizers were between 10 and15$...pastas around 22 to 27$ and secundi between 27 and 32$. It must have cost him an arm and a leg for 6 people but he insisted. We do not do this type of thing often, we usually all pay for our own things but you can deduct the bill from the prices I gave you. It does not come cheap but everything was really excellent and they pay attention to details. I would go back gladly!

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  1. Hello Cricri and a heartfelt thank you for the review. I surely will add Graziella to a restaurant I wish to try out, it is truly nice to vary from all the usual restaurants always placed here as recommendations. They are all good restaurants, but funding new gems is really thrilling.

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      I was hoping for a review for Graziella, it seems amazing.. She was a guest chef on a show called a la Distasio, she did a few recipes which were simple, and listening to her talk about her daily routine at her restaurant made me want to go,
      she is totally invested in it, hands on.

      if you want to see graziella's recipes on the show, the website is
      you can search on previous shows index to find graziella