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Sep 27, 2008 07:40 PM

Sightseeing/good lunch near cruise terminal in Bar Harbor?

We're taking a New England/Canada cruise next month with one stop in Bar Harbor, Maine. We're hoping to just get off of the ship, walk around, and do some sightseeing on our own.

First, can anyone tell us how close the terminal is to "downtown" or any other sightseeing options?

Second, can anyone recommend a good local lunch place in this area that is family-friendly? It will be me, my wife and our (almost) 2 year old daughter. Lobster roll recommendations appreciated!!


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  1. The cruise terminal is walking distance to many dining options as well as shops and the shoreline trail.

    Specific lunch options in immediate area include West St Cafe, Geddy's, and the Lobster Claw. Do a search on this board for tons of info on Bar Harbor dining.

    Depending on how much time you have there is a free shuttle (Island Explorer) that goes to/through Acadia Natl Park. I believe Island Exploer is not year-round so may want to doublecheck availability. (To keep this chow-focused, The Jordan House, inside the park, is renowned for its popovers).

    See the Maine forum on for more sightseeing info.

    1. If you're on an actual cruise ship, there is no cruise dock. Cruise ships anchor in the harbor, then are ferried in to the downtown pier. In either case, Galyn's is an always reliable good bet. Wide ranging menu, plenty of seafood choices. It's about a half a block from the downtown pier.

      If you're referring to The Cat ferry between Bar Harbor and Nova Scotia, that terminal is about one mile from town, an easy walk (although perhaps not with little one) or inexpensive taxi ride. It is on the Island Explorer route, but technically you're supposed to have a park pass to ride it.

      1. I work as a Maine Guide often w. follks off of cruise ships (sea kayaking, mountain biking in the national park and guided nature hikes) . Last Thursday, there were 2 cruise ships in the harbor. The town of Bar Harbor has 6,000 residents. The cruise ships disgorged 6,000 passengers and crew. Think about it. Take the Island Explorer out of Bar Harbor immediately and go to Northeast Hbr. or Southwest Hbr. for a quiet relaxing meal. Do a search of the towns for good chow. Or go for a hike in the park. Bar Harbor will be very crowded. Dine very early or late.
        Go eat a Philly pork sanwich for me will ya?

        1. UPDATE-----

          Enjoyed our afternoon in Bar Harbor and went to Galyn's for lobster rolls. My wife and I enjoyed them but I was kind of surprised to see it served on a large folded piece of toasted bread rather than something like a toasted hot dog bun.

          But I guess starting a debate about lobster rolls in Maine is like starting a cheesesteak debate in Philly...everyone has their own opinions about what is "authentic"

          Also, we paid $15 for the roll. How does that price compare to "high season"??

          Thanks again for the recommendations and advice.