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Sep 27, 2008 06:21 PM

Steakhouse with best lobster?

I am taking my sister out for dinner this week and we will be going to a steakhouse. She does not eat steak but loves a huge lobster. Which steakhouse offers the best lobster, without compromising great steak? I will be ordering steak as everyone knows I am a steak LOVER. Places that I am considering and heard have great lobster are Del Frisco's, Smith and Wollensky, The Palm. Out of these three I have only been to Del Frisco's and I know they do a good steak. Dying to try to bone-in Kobe 32 oz. ribeye. Have seen their lobster and it is huge. Any other recommendations?

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  1. I've had both lobster and steak at the Palm on at least a dozen occasions over the years. Both were delicious. Steaks are large, and in conjunction with an appetizer and bread, I always had leftovers.

    1. Morton's has terrific steak and lobsters that could eat Chicago.

      1. i love the lobsters and presentation at Sparks!

        1. I agree with Sparks, Palm, Strip House and Ben and Jacks....all have been great.