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Sep 27, 2008 06:20 PM

The best of Memphis, TN

It's chowchomper, and I would like to know where to eat in Memphis. Rendezvouz rocks, but where else? Thanks a lot!!!

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  1. What kind of food are you looking for? Las Tortugas in Germantown is the best Mexican in town. Interim makes a great burger & has good higher end food as well. Restaurant Iris is wonderful if you're looking for something really special.

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    1. re: mamasquirrel

      had the ribs at tortugas tonight. my wife had the guacamole on fried tostada (can't spell the proper name). yesterday had the neola brisket and tried a friend's shrimp sandwich. this place needs more recognition...i'm talking national-level recognition.

      heard they are expanding next door. hope the quality doesn't drop as quantity rises.

      1. re: mamasquirrel

        Thanks for replying. I would like to know some restaurants that have awesome ribs, or something different and/or original.

        1. re: chowchomper

          My favorite slow smoked ribs in town are at the BBQ Shop on Madison in Midtown. I assume you've heard of the Rendezvous. Very inconsistent, but when they are on, they are really good. Cozy Corner Downtown is great too. Might head down there this week.

          For "something different", the ribs at Tortugas out in Germantown are really fantastic. Braised in a Mexican spiced stock, roasted to get them crispy, covered in a pico and served with some tortillas. Had'em Sat night (yes, after eating lunch there on Friday). I should do PR for those guys.

        2. re: mamasquirrel

          We got the chance to go to Las Tortugas today and it was very enjoyable.

          The gentlemen explained a bit about the place and we had the Filet tortuga, the spicy pork tortuga, guacomole and my boys had the snapper flautas. We all had one of their fresh juice drinks, the mango, the watermelon and the melon.

          Everything was wonderfully prepared and very good. They called our number as things were finished and we got them and started eating. They also would not take a tip when I paid, he said he was glad we were there and hope we enjoyed everything and if I wanted to leave them something afterwards I could, which I did because it was all very tasty.

          I would highly advise stopping by, great food, and wonderful service.

        3. Mantia's International Foods, on Poplar, in the Erinway Shopping Plaza! Daily sandwich, salad, pasta and burger specials from around the world. :-)

          1. Barksdale for breakfast, Cozy Corner, Paynes, Interstate for BBQ.