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Sep 27, 2008 05:13 PM

Father & Son First Trip To Washington

Fellow Hounds - Our son and I are going on our first trip to Washington, and are looking for some interesting eating experiences over a 3 day weekend. We're both adults (well, he is anyway....), and love to eat. We prefer not to be driven by big money experiences, but are adventurous, and will go almost anywhere, and eat almost anything that is well prepared, from the best ingredients.

Any ethnic pursuits are ok, including "American" experiences which stand out.

Farmers markets for breakfast are always good places to eat on a Saturday or Sunday morning, even though we won't be buying anything to take back to hotel to cook - goodies only!

So - can you help? If that means pointing me to good prior reference postings, thanks!


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  1. Eastern Market for that Saturday morning experience. Market Lunch inside should be a good options as well as street Crepes. Teaism, Dupont & Penn Quarter, is one of my favorite stops.
    Indique Indian and Spices Asian in Cleveland Park. 2 Amy's Pizza. Julia's Empanadas, few different locations including Adam's Morgan. Lebanese Taverna has various locations serving consistantly good middle eastern cuisine. If adventerous enough to head out of District cruise over to Falls Church to soak in Eden Center and Vietnamese goodies. Cafe Asia Wilson Blvd Arlington. I like Ethiopian, but wife does not, so haven't been lately. But take some other's recs and check it out. Firehook Bakeries are decent. Bethesda has an incredible number of restaurants as well. Enjoy, it's a great foodie venue.

    1. Don't miss Etete off of U Street (9th and U?) for great Ethiopian food (get the fastening platter and derek tibs if this is your first time eating Ethiopian food).

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        This is our first time with Ethiopian food. Any recommendations on something to read to understand the meal, and what to expect? I'm intrigued and am totally into a new dining experience.

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          i don't have any specifics links for you to read up on but im sure you can just google it. as far as what to expect, you eat with your hands, but not like moroccan food. you use this spongey type of bread, called injera, that you tear into smaller pieces and use to pick up the various veggies and meat on the platter you share. you'll know what to do when you see it and you can watch what everyone else is doing. it might not be a bad idea to tell them this is your first time there and if they can offer you any guidance

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            Yeah, it's not hard to figure out, and the places you go will be casual and welcoming. I think the texture of the food puts some people off (it's been referred to on here as baby food). I *think* if you like the texture of a lot of Lebanese food -- hummos, tabouli, etc. -- you'll be fine; I don't mean the tastes are the same, but the idea and texture is somewhat similar.

            Everything you order will be spooned onto one big round piece of injera, so you eat family style with your fingers. Injera is spongey (as Marc said) and slightly sour.

            My guy and I can fill up on one vegetable platter with maybe one meat dish, but we're not big eaters -- it's really cheap eats.

            There are various specific recs on dishes to order on other threads -- it's definitely worth ordering a sampling of various things.

            And if you just don't like it, assuming you'll be at 9th and U, you can head to Ben's chili bowl afterwards to fill up and get a full DC experience ;)

      2. You should check http://www.tylercowensethnicdininggui... for the definitive lowdown on ethnic food around dc. My little short course is, around U St for Ethiopian and if you are at the museums take the Metro up to Gallery Place and go to Full Kee in our Chinablock. Full Kee is pretty authentic Chinese with low prices and friendly service and a good neighborhood vibe. The U St Ethiopian cluster is probs the best Ethiopian food in the US.