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Sep 27, 2008 05:01 PM

Wine Pairing for Savory Short Ribs?

I am making the savory short rib recipe from the New Basics cookbook. The ribs are braised in a sauce consisting of Italian plum tomatoes, beef stock, garlic, Italian flat-leaf parsley, rosemary, cinnamon, black pepper, onions, and dry red wine. I plan to serve the ribs over papperdelle. Accompaniments will be green olive foccacia bread and local organic greens tossed with a simple olive oil/balsamic dressing.

What would be the wine of choice for such a meal?

Thanks in advance

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  1. I think a Petit Syrah will go well..

      1. re: RCC

        I served the ribs with the Altos Las Hormigas malbec, which is what I added to the braising sauce. The wine paired wonderfully with the ribs. The Altos is my 'house red' this summer; I just cannot beat the quality-to-price ratio.

        I'm sure that merlot would have been a superb choice as well; I have certainly enjoyed pairing merlot with beef in the past (it would have worked well here because of the rich, tomato-herb-wine sauce in which the ribs were braised).

        I'm not as experienced with Petit Syrah; in my limited experience, this varietal does seem to have some incense/perfumed and sandalwood charateristics, which may have gone nicely given that this particularly recipe includes cinnamon.

        1. re: anewton

          Altos is a great QPR Bodega.. Nice choice. I would try a Petit Syrah. its a very versatile varietal..

      2. Chateuneuf-du-Pape. Hands down. Case closed.

        If not, other Southern Rhone, Barolo, Barbaresco, Barrique-aged Barbera, Cote-Rotie...

        But, really... CdP. All the way. Don't look back.

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        1. re: whiner

          I don't think it is quite hands down on the CDP but that or a Gigondas would be an awfully good match

        2. Syrah (California, Australia, or France)
          Grenache (France or Spain)
          Nebbiolo (Italy)

          Harder to find, but what I'd look for -- Sagrantino di Montefalco (from the Umbria region of Italy)

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          1. What whiner and brad said.