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Sep 27, 2008 04:41 PM

Doylestown Restaurant-Near DVC

I'm looking for two things. I'm graduating with my masters from DVC, and I'm ready to celebrate!!!!! I'm not sure if I want a restaurant where my husband and I and a few guests can go out to dinner in Doylestown area ( Somewhere relatively nice, and not byob). Or I may have a party with relatively inexpensive caterer at my house. I live closer to Lansdale.

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  1. Best restaurants in Doylestown are:

    1. Honey - contemporary food, small plates, adventurous flavors, interesting drinks.
    2. Slate Bleu- in the Agriculture Works, french bistro, good wine list.
    3. Knight House, Good food, nice outdoor patio
    4. Il Mellagrano- Classic Northern Italian Food, reasonable wine list.

    People will mention other restaurants including

    Black Walnut - Thai french fusion, nice outside garden. Mediocre food.

    Domani Star - Heavy italian food, BYO

    Stephanies - Continental Food.. decent beer list. Downstair is a bar.

    Chambers- Comfort Food, and overpriced drinks.

    Freight House - steak and sea food. Overpriced and very loud atmosphere.

    Ooka and Madame Butterfly - ok sushi. Ooka also has beni hana like hibachi tables. Good if you like someone throwing food at you.