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Sep 27, 2008 04:38 PM

Italian in Franklin MA

We went to a new Italian restaurant in Franklin MA called Bellinos. It is an old school style restaurant where the owners are from RI. The food was very good and the service was excellent. We had the antipasto salad which was very generous and big enough for four. meals came with soup or salad, we had the pasta fagioli which was very flavorful and full of italian spices. The kids had meatball pizza, the crust was too thick for me but kids seemed to enjoy. we also had spagetti with white clam sauce, which could have been hotter but tasted ok. The veal parm was real veal and delicious. Ordered a side of meatballs which arrived cold. the waiter took them away and returned a few minutes later with a new order that was piping hot and fantastic. For desert we ordered the NY style cheesecake which was the closest thing I have had to NY style outside of manhattan. Bill was moderate, $100 with tip for four with drinks. I would definately recommend a stop by. Would love to hear other thoughts about italian in the Franklin MA area.

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  1. Meatball pizza sends up all sorts of red flags!

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      When in Franklin and you want Italian I suggest The Rome Restaurant. It has been a local staple for over 30 years. Order the Chicken Ala Roma or the veal version if you so desire. Great lunch deals also. My SO and I tend to go early on Friday Nights and sit at the Bar where they serve the full menu. The Bartender Bobby Jarvis is a charming little fella and always serves up great suggestions for the night and he pours a stiff drink. For pizza get the Gino Special...Awesome!

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        I have to agree, the Rome Resturaunt is great the best in town! It's always a wonderful meal and a great drink. Bobby Jarvis is such a nice young man to see on Friday nights, my husband and I go just to have his fabulous service, service with a very cute smile! I'm a firm beliver that you can have the best food but if you don't have a good staff it means nothing, but no worries at the Rome.

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          The Rome is always good. Great Italian, good service, reasonable prices.

    2. What about Incontro? I recall they had some service issues when they first opened, but surprisingly, I'm not hearing much about the place lately.

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        Word is Chef Bill Bradley was shown the Door. Not sure who the new Chef is .

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          There was some talk about Incontro on the New England board back in August.

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            Incontro does have the worst service ever! The bar is the worst, it's to bad the food is so good but sorry rather go to 3 resturaunt.

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              Incontru has gone through several management and head chef changes. We live in Franklin and go often, one of our favorties. It has returned to it's top shelf destination status. Heard a new manager was hired! We also like 3, although the staff can be a little "up tight" at times.

          2. Bellino's Italian Restaurant, took the family last week for the first time, food was very good, the red sauce was soooo good! Kids had the pizza and loved it. I tried a slice and it was very good. The veal parm, OMG , cooked perfectly. Portions were generous as well as the prices. I will go back, often!

            Bellino's Restaurant
            30 Main St, Franklin, MA 02038

            1. This place is great. I went for dinner tonight. I miss great places like this living in the DC metro area. Phil, the owner, is amazingly friendly and proud of his food, rightly so. His marinara sauce is delicious, a little sweet and tangy and herbacious. He was quick to point out that his bolognese was not the same sauce with added meat, but a separately made sauce, also very good.

              They make their own italian bread which is light and fluffy as well as their own italian dressing over a good greens salad. This is a great red sauce spot. I am already looking forward to going back.

              I almost forgot the (gluten free-but who really cares) cheesecake. Homemade recipe. Out standingly light and fluffy and delicious. He is half sicilian and half North Carolinian so he was bragging about his "pulled porchetta" which he runs as a special once in a while and the final kicker: They have sweet tea.