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Sep 27, 2008 04:08 PM

Verrazano's Pizza on La Brea

So they opened today. Everyone in there is very nice. It's "New York" without being fake or obnoxious. Place had a great vibe. They serve slices and whole pies, along with sandwiches/salads. I had slices.

Pros: Fresh mozzarella is spread around the pizza for every pie. There's no other New York style place like this in LA (even at Vito's and Joe's you have to pay extra for this option). The toppings I had were great and the pizza itself just LOOKS great.

Cons: The crust is a little too thick throughout the pizza. The sauce is canned, and since they really cake it on, it takes down the flavor a couple notches. There's no sweetness to it. The pizza tasted pretty good when I had a bite with a gob of cheese, but when you get a bite with just sauce it's not right. The balance is off -- thicker crust, heavy sauce, light cheese.

All that said, I will happily give Verrazano's another go (probably with a whole pie; some places have much better pies than slices and vice versa). Today was the grand opening and they're nice people who I'd like to see succeed. Hope today was just opening day jitters and the pizza is better next time.

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  1. Being from Jersey, I completely agree, and I LOVE the fact that they call them PLAIN SLICES. I stopped in and had a slice just to try it and wasn't blown away, but I'm very interested in going back to try something other than the pizza.

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      1. Curious: are you blaming the canned sauce on the "opening day jitters"? I'm sure a NYC pizza parlor daring enough to name it after 1 of the bridges thought about the source of the sauce long and hard. That ain't no jitters, that's just cutting corners.

        Garage Pizza still makes their sauce and it's a fantastic one. After reading this, I might not be visiting for dinner as I'd planned...

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          When you say "makes their sauce", do you mean from fresh tomatoes, come on? What place does not use canned and doctors it up? I am sure they use canned, maybe San Marzanno but canned and then they add their seasoning. Garage is ok, I think fantastic is a stretch.

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            TonyC, I'm going to try Garage, but I have my doubts from what I've seen/read. That's the last of the big places around here I haven't hit.

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              Garage is ok, nothing special, i got a sausage pepper and onion slice and the crust was criep but the veggies were still very crunchy. I like 2 Guys on Hollywood at Las Palmas, the make a good old school slice and the veggies are never crunchy, they are cooked.

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