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Sep 27, 2008 03:52 PM

unusually kind behavior shown by restaurants

I was on the way to my favorite hoagie shop in Lansdale Pa a few years ago to pick up my usual two chicken parmesan dinners for my friend and I when I got rear-ended about a mile away and my car got totaled. The police were very kind and shuttled my little daschund and I home. All I could think of was that I had better cancel that order that I had called in. I was a bit shaken up so I got my friend to call. They don't do deliveries at Ray's Pizza but the owner insisted on driving to my house with our dinners after asking if I was okay and all. My friend tried to give him a tip when he paid for our dinners but the guy refused. I was so touched by the way this place went out of their way to be kind to us I was wondering if anyone else has experienced kindness and consideration that is Way beyond the usual?

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  1. I was sitting at the bar of a restaurant near my house, having drinks and snacks and watching a Yankee game. My wallet was on the bar - and then all of a sudden it wasn't. It was my first time there, so the restaurant had no reason to trust my mortified promises to come back the next day with money to settle the bill. Instead of throwing me out on my ear, the manager apologized profusely and insisted on continuing to serve me 'til the game was over. It made a lousy situation much easier to deal with. And a few days later, a homeless man showed up at my apartment with the wallet, which he'd found on the street. Manhattan is a really nice place, sometimes.

    1. I had traveled to Ohio for a January wedding and it started snowing like crazy on my way in late that night. I barely made it to my hotel. The next day the hotel parking lot had not been cleared, much of the region was at a level 3 snow emergency code. I had spotted a Denny's the night before. I put on almost every piece of clothing I had and trudged thigh deep in snow to their well lit building. I arrived and they had just locked the doors and were turning off the neon sign!

      Someone saw my look of despair and let me in. I explained my situation and asked if they still had any coffee & leftover toast I could bring back to my room. A cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice were brought to me immediately and I was offered a seat and asked to wait. Within 10 minutes four to-go boxes were brought out, stuffed with hash browns, scrambled eggs, assorted breakfast meats, slices of cheese, lettuce, tomato, all varieties of toast, and condiments. And several enormous containers of hot coffee and more juice. I could barely carry it back to the hotel there was so much! They wouldn't take a penny.

      I'm sure these folks were more than ready to leave and make it home to their families safely. And the morning couldn't have been profitable for them - not a soul was on the road. But this very hungry traveler was incredibly grateful for the food (lasted me 2 days stranded there). But the generosity the staff showed to a stranger when their door was already locked was the greater gift!

      1. It is nice to see how kind people are. I was on the way to a funeral, college years, and forgot my wallet. It was snowing and I passed wrecked snow plows. I pulled in to a truck stop to call my mother. Pre cell phones. I told her I couldn't get there and had no money to buy food. Two truck drivers heard me on the phone and talked to her. They bought me lunch and one of them drove me back to the dorm.

        On the flip side: I became ill in a hotel restaurant and passed out. As I was loaded into the ambulance and my husband was climbing in with me, the manager came running up. Not to check if I were dying, he wanted the bill paid before the ambulance could leave.

        Friends told him to . . . .and they would take care of the bill.

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          First time at Inn at Little Washington many years ago, Patrick asked if everything was all right. Told him my wife at the time and l always walked our dogs at night, and really missed them. Immediately his two beautiful dalmatians were at our disposal for a one hour walk. l will always remember the kindness

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            That story doesn't surprise me at all! When my husband and I stayed there the day after Christmas (my birthday) several years ago, an overnight storm dumped a good couple of feet of snow in the area. Anticipating an hour of digging out of their parking lot, we finished our breakfast and asked the person at the desk to prepare our bill because we'd be packing up and checking out momentarily. By the time we got back downstairs, not only was our bill ready, but we opened the front door and our car was in front, completely clean of snow, motor running and heater on. Aside from their amazing kitchen, The Inn at Little Washington has probably the best customer care anywhere in the US.

        2. This is a very nice post simply because we tend to overlook the many generous qualities displayed by restaurant owners and staff...During the year many restaurants participate in a variety of charitible events and contribute a great deal of time and money.
          In my area Westchester County, N.Y. there is a restaurateur by the name of Nick who runs a popular Italian eatery called Mamma Francesca. One day he asked if I could keep him company on a delivery. The next thing I know we are standing in the lobby of a large nursing home facility. He had brought big tins of food for some of the residents that day (a few had been frequent customers over the years) questions asked, no money involved. We even stayed to watch and converse as these folk truly enjoyed the memories and flavors he had brought...
          Years earlier I had come to know a popular restaurant owner in the Bronx, Joe Nina, who would donate a truck load of turkeys to a home and shelter in his area during Thanksgiving...
          The stories could go on and on...largely unheralded.

          1. Thanks for starting this post! How much more edifying this is than the typical whine-a-thon.

            GREAT stories so far, really great.

            Back in Minneapolis I used to cook at a homeless shelter with some regularity. Lots of restaurants and stores were very kind in donating food for meals. I find Minnesotans to be very kind and generous.