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Sep 27, 2008 02:46 PM

Restaurant La Regalade- Paris

My daughter and I enjoyed the 3-course prix fixe dinner last Thurdsday (Sept 25 08); a bargain at 32 euros! There were two soups for the first course that we had, a creme of pumpkin and creme of mushroom (both with foie gras) that were excellent. This was followed by the roast pork and beef (paleron de boeuf) second course that were also very good. The Grand Marnier soufflee for desert was outstanding. We were able to book a table one-day in advance for an 8pm sitting and this seemed to be the perfect time because the restaurant began to fill up shortly thereafter. We found the service to be excellent and the staff incredibly friendly. Although the restaurant is small, it is cozy, but comfortable. Located at 49 Jean Moulin, easy to get to by the metro (M4, Alesia station).

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  1. We too, were at Le Regalade last week.
    The 32 E menu is the best value for my money in Paris.
    We substituted the duck liver for 2 as the main course,
    This dish is decadent, and the the centre is the texture of custard.
    A definite "WOW"
    .With the supplement, and a bottle of wine, our meal was just over 100E
    The truth is that we found this meal more satisfying than the 2 and 3* restaurants on this trip.

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    1. re: erly

      I'm not surprised. So many starred restaurants are too busy chasing stars to do good food those days. Which were they?

      1. re: souphie

        L'Cinq for price of a la carte lunch(I like value for my money) good food though
        L'Arpege (especially disappointed with dinner))
        Never disappointed with L'Ambroisie, and it was your suggestion , some time ago that this would be our perfect match, and it is.
        We have eaten there three times, and have decided that this is the only 3* that deserves our money
        Just returned home yesterday, and will write further on both of the disappointments, and the good as well.

        1. re: erly

          Le Cinq is still in a transition phase, not fully ready yet. Nevertheless I had an excellent 85€ lunch last week: I actually think that this place is about to be the best in town (some detail still needs polishing, like crappy cheeses, but Briffard is working on it).

          Glad to know that l'Ambroisie did not disappoint as I'm heading there soon.

          Looking forward to hearing more from your experience.

          1. re: souphie

            Interesting to know. I will be at Le Cinq on Saturday, I will report back. Btw, Souphie, your link does not appear to work.

            1. re: Apprentice

              Apprentice is correct, does not work, will be at Le Cinq in October, will report as well

            2. re: souphie

              Le Cinq
              First I would really like to know how you managed an 85E lunch?
              Our lunch was close to $700.00.
              The room is truly elegant, and the service was smooth and friendly.
              We were immediately given a bountiful basket of fritters, calamari and veggie's.
              Light and airy, and were asked shortly afterward if we would like the basket replenished.
              A slice of bead was presented to be dipped in the amazingly good and fruity Ottavio "Summon" 2008 olive oil fresh from Tuscany.
              Good start.
              Then the order.
              We decided that we would start with the Queen Crab, as a lighter part of the meal.
              DH wanted the veal, and I noticed that both of his choices were on the 110E menu, so we thought, a saving.
              The dish was not particularly exciting, just O.K., and the roe, which was to accompany it - wasn't.
              An amuse of (sardines, or herring ) with apple and creme followed.
              The other amuse was Goat cheese Ice Cream with pepper and lemon basil.
              Interesting and a pleasant blending.
              I ordered the Bresse Chicken, which was served on a bed of girolles, a garnish of fois gras, a roasted peach, and nuts, and and a side of a rich Chicken broth with cut up pieces of the leg, and what was described as "Japanese mushrooms"
              Very good indeed.
              DH received the Veal which appeared to be a med-rare tenderloin, served on a rather spartan plate with two whole carrots.
              He said it cut like butter, and was excellent.
              We shared a Napoleon, light and airy with a cream and raspberry filling.
              DH had only bottled water and a double espresso. (too much wine the previous evening ).
              I ha a flute of Champagne as an aperitif, and another with lunch.
              They brought a cart filled with chocolate treats, which we declined, as we were stuffed, and gave me a small box of chocolates to take home.
              And strangely offered me a postcard, and a current wine list of suggestions.
              And then the bill arrived.
              DH asked me to look at it, a it seeme higher than epected.
              We were charged for his lunch a la carte.
              Main around 150E (approx)
              Crab 85E
              We mentioned this to the serer, and when we showed him the two items on the set 110E menu he mentioned something about he was certain that we ordered individually and didn't offer to adjust the price.
              I have never ever complained about feeling "ripped off "at any restaurant in Paris, but this time we really did.
              We smiled and paid, but ...
              It left a very bad taste.
              We will not return.
              I might add that the restaurant was less than 1/3 filled.
              Possibly all of the bankers canceled!
              So I am not saying that it was not a very good meal, just that unless you are a millionaire, do yourself a favor and order only from the set price menu at lunch.

              1. re: erly

                Am going for 85€ lunch, and you can bet your bippy that is what l will get. Learned from Souphie the cheese cart is dreadful, so will skip it, but he said the chef is the best, so l will try it. Do not think l would have paid the extra 125€ you paid per the 'mistake', but that is said from the safety of my computer, might have caved when l was there. Will watch myself and guest when there, thanks for warning.

                1. re: erly

                  From reading your notes it sounds as though some of your choices were on the €110 menu whilst others were not - "I noticed that both of his choices were on the 110E ". Is this correct?

                  If you chose from a number of sections of the menu the restaurant is perfectly within its rights to charge ALC prices.

                  I would always advise someone to state explicitly they are ordering from the €110 menu and then stick to the choices offered on that menu, or explicitly ask if changes can be made. They may be happy to accommodate changes or charge ALC prices, but asking up front clarifies expectations. I can't see language being an issue at Le Cinq.

                  1. re: PhilD

                    DH ordered both items from the 110E menu.
                    He did not order anything else.
                    The staff should have noticed this themselves.
                    We did not see a menu for 85E
                    I ordered separately.
                    They should have changed the bill, when I showed them the menu items on the set price.
                    I posted these comments, to warn others not to make the same mistake.
                    One of the servers was British

                    1. re: erly

                      I was simply trying to say in my reply that it is sensible to be explicit when you order a "menu" in a restaurant. We generally say "we will have the XXX menu" and then specify the choices.

                      Many restaurants will have the same, or similar, dishes on both the ALC and set menu, if you don't specify you are having the "menu" this can lead to confusion. In some restaurants you also won't get the amuse, pre-deserts, and petit fours as part of the set menu.

                      Sounds like there was confusion - you say DH's two dishes were on the menu but it reads like you had three courses? Also on the web it looks like there are veal dishes on both the tasting menu and the ALC. Both potential areas of confusion.

                  2. re: erly

                    The 85€ menu is at lunch only. At night, there is the 135 (205 with wine pairing) and the 210. This makes this place the best value of top restaurants by far. Now indeed ALC prices are as high as it gets and it seems like there was a regrettable misunderstanding.

                    1. re: souphie

                      I could have sworn that the set menu was 110E. for lunch
                      Possibly I was mistaken.

                      1. re: erly

                        I went on the 25. Maybe they raised the price since because it was too obviously a bailout from people like us by the clients of the hotel. Or maybe your meal was during a weekend? I should specify "lunch weekdays".

                        1. re: souphie

                          Dined at Le Cinq on Saturday. Ordered the 135E "summer" tasting menu. I didn't take notes so I can't remember every detail but overall the food experience was very good. Fried Calamari, Crab/salmon roe, fish with indian spiced vegetables, choice of squab or veal (we each ordered one of - the squab was excellent, veal overcooked IMO), dessert "parfait" - layers of fruit gelatin, whip cream, strawberry sorbet, mint ice. Overall the food was very good.

                          However, a couple of points regarding service.
                          1) I have a dietary restriction and the restaurant was informed of this when I called and also when we ordered. Yet I was still served this ingredient. I wasn't happy but didn't bother to complain because we were so hungry (see below).

                          2) Even worse there seems to be a communication breakdown between the maitre d' in front of the general dining area (not Le Cinq) and the maitre d' at Le Cinq (for those unaware, Le Cinq is actually enclosed within the hotels general dining area). We arrived 30 mins early and asked to have a drink at the bar across the open dining area. We were informed it was very busy and not possible. We understood and waited patiently. At no time were we informed there was place in the bar between then and 10 mins AFTER our scheduled reservation. I finally got my butt off the sofa and went into to bar and noticed it was half empty!!! It would have been nice if we were informed as soon as there was place in the bar (though it is the 4 seasons - the bar is quiet expensive 48E for two cocktails!!!) We got ourselves a drink and waited an additional 20 minutes (now 30 mins after our reservation and 1 hour total wait time). The SO finally asked what was going on and we were informed our table was ready. When we reached Le Cinq's maitre d' they were shocked we were never told our table was ready at the original reservation time! We didn't let it spoil our meal, it was still very good.

            3. re: erly

              Seconding this; thanks for a great recommendation!

              Mis-en-bouche came as a huge trough of homemade pate with gherkins and excellent salt. Had a lobster bisque with basil which was good (but not as good as my partner's coquilles).

              Main of pork belly was exquisite. I always think Chinese restaurants cook this dish better than Western ones but this combined amazing quality meat with perfect cooking (eg the texture of the crackling).

              Puddings were stunning especially the Soufflé au Grand Marnier.

              Service friendly, the place has a great buzz about the room.

              Good value at 100 with wine for two.

              1. re: feddie207

                Is it L'Ambroisie that you are 'seconding" feddie? Did you go for lunch or dinner? That seems like a very reasonable price for what sounds like a fantastic meal! Have only ever had pork belly at a Chinese restaurant...sounds delicious.

                1. re: Savourer

                  Well, some entrées at l'Ambroisie are less than 100€. Menu is the same at lunch and for dinner. So I would say Feddie was talking about Chez l'Ami Jean.

            4. Was in Paris for my first time at the end of October; Regalade was our first serious dinner when we got into town. We met friends (who were on their way OUT of Paris), and we started dinner at 9:00 and basically closed the place. Food was wonderful, staff accomodating, environment charming (if "cozy", as in, VERY small space). One of the high points of the trip, and not a budget-buster.

              r gould-saltman
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              1. Does La Regalade have a website? Is there a menu anywhere online?

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                  1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

                    Had a lovely lunch there a few days ago. Afraid I overdid it with the "amuse" terrine - it was so good! After that and the foie gras as a starter (they were able to do it for one - but it was perhaps a bit over cooked because of ?having been reheated), I didn't have much room for my main of chicken which was served with vegetables, a small salad, and potatoes (but I'll enjoy it for lunch another day). I did somehow find room for the souffle dessert;) Quite good value and a nice experience.

                1. Just got back from Paris last week and my wife and I ate here our second night in the city. While it was a 40 minute metro ride from our hotel along with a 15 minute walk, it was worth all the effort. Starting off with the fantastic terrine (I had two 1/4" slices), I skipped an appetizer and ate a leg of lamb which was off the board and utterly fantastic. It even drew the attention of the lady next to me who is a regular there and wished she had ordered that over the fish she ordered.

                  Do not miss the Grand Marnier souffle for dessert no matter how full you are. Souffle being one of my favorite desserts ever, this goes down as one of the best I ever had. It yielded the perfect balance of custard flavor and orange liqueur.

                  My wife had their 3 course 32 Euro prix fixe and along with a glass of house wine, we spent a palsy 72 Euros ($96 US) for what ended up being the best meal of our 10 day trip.