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Where to buy high end appliances since as Bosch, Miele and Sub-zero?

I'm looking to redo my kitchen next year and was wondering if anyone knows where to find the best prices for appliances. And is it worth it to buy these brands or go with everyday basic brands. Your suggestions and advice would be most helpful, fellow chowhounds.

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  1. Tasco and Caplan's both carry all those brands. You might want to check over on the Cookware board -- I've seen lots of discussions about the merits of various brands.

    1. I can highly recommend Caplan's on Weston Rd.

      1. Reno'ed my kitchen a couple of years ago...bought all my appliances at Tasco...very pleased with the prices and knowledgable sales staff

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          We totally re-did our kitchen last summer and bought a fridge, stove, dishwasher and also a TV (that was for the Den) at "Appliance Canada" and this was after checking not only Caplan's, Tasco, Home Depot & The Bay. Appliance Canada seemed to have the best price overall (mind you we did bargain, as we were buying 4 major appliances)..we were very pleased with everything but the Bosch Stove...bought a combination gas cooktop and electric bake/ convection oven...the Fan in the oven stays on ALL the time and cannot be turned off!! We complained bitterly to both Bosch & Appliance Canada to no avail..we still have it and I hate it because of the noise.! Check out 'this feature' on any stove you purchase BEFORE you BUY any of the convection oven models...Forewarned is forearmed!!! It certainly was a costly mistake....

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            For my kitchen Reno it was Tasco...best selection and would negotiate price..Miranda

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              Do you mean the fan is on even when the oven is off?

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                NO the Fan is only on when the Oven is on (and at any temperature). I have 2 radio speakers mounted in my kitchen, there is no way I can have them on and listen to the radio when the Oven is roasting, that's how noisy and loud the Fan is! Multiply that by 3 or 4 hours (ie roasting a big Turkey/Roast Beef )and it's headache time..I just hate being in the kitchen while the oven is on....

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                  Play some Metallica or Deep Purple when the oven is on... fan problem solved.

                  1. re: foodyDudey

                    thanks for the suggestion but it's more likely to be Steely Dan or the Doobie Bros.

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                    But is that not the "convection" part of a convection oven? Without a fan it is just an oven...

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                      That is correct. A convection oven is one with a fan that continuously runs while the oven is on. Perhaps pearlD knows that, but didn't expect the fan to be as loud as it is. That is why I suggested the music I did.

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                        In regular mode (bake;non-convection) the fan does not blow on many models.

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                      My oven also has the fan on all the time in convection mode, but it really doesn't bother me. But then I have a Kenmore Elite duel fuel (gas top and electric oven), which I have been very happy with.

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                        Mine is the same but Bosch, count your lucky stars but as I say, mine was/is a costly mistake in purchasing.

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                          Do you have the option to bake without convection? My oven has a regular bake mode.

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                            yes, I do but the Fan is still on, I'd check it now but I'm away for the winter, almost certain that the Fan goes on the minute the oven is being used, I don't even use the convection...

                            1. re: pearlD

                              Wow! That might be a malfunction. Because the fan is needed for convection. If the fan is on for both, one could ask what, then, is the difference between the two modes?

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                                On my Bosch the fan comes on on regular bake to heat it up, then it turns off. My fan isn't very loud but I could see it being if I didn't have an open concept kitchen.

                                1. re: LexiFirefly

                                  I have a very small closed-in, some might say tiny, kitchen, and I survive.

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                                    I usually blast metal when I'm cooking when alone or have 5 adults and a kindergartener or two running around if I'm not. So either way the noise doesn't bother me much. :)

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                                      I do have an open concept...first floor of the house is totally open plan with just a staircase going upstairs to the 2nd and 3rd floors..old Victorian (1906) renovated......that's good point you brought up LexiFireply, thanks...

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                                      I believe that the difference between convection and conventional in my oven is not just the fan. I know my oven has a rear element (hidden) that comes on when in convection mode so that the fan is blowing hot air. In conventional mode (bake) that rear element may not come on, making the difference both the fan and the rear heat source. I am just not certain whether the rear element is on while in regular bake mode.

                    3. Folks, please keep this thread focused on where to find the appliances the OP is looking for. Discussions of the pros and cons of various brands is off topic for this board. mightymouse, if you want to get opinions about appliances, please post on the Cookware board. You're welcome to post a link here to direct locals hounds to your new thread.

                      1. We got some of our appliances at Caplan. When we were planning the reno, we basically went to Caplan's every week and looked through their clearance section in the back. There are some scratch and dents but also lots of end-of-line models that looks and works completely fine.

                        1. Try Appliance Canada Ltd.
                          I purchace a new dishwasher there and they had the best price form all the other places
                          Appliance Canada Ltd
                          8701 Jane Street
                          Concord, ON L4K 2M6

                          1. If you are outfitting a new kitchen with 3-6 appliances finalize the pieces you want and any of these places should give you a break -- compare their numbers for the whole suite. When I did this it only came out to a couple hundred difference.

                            Another place not mentioned is Quan.

                            1. I would suggest you try KWA Appliances on St clair. THey have better prices than anyone in the gta and they saved me close to 40% off my Viking appliances.

                              1. If you're east of Toronto you might want to visit Hendrix in Pickering:


                                1. Once you know what you want, go to The Bay. Not only do they negotiate and match prices, they will usually go lower and/or offer very favourable terms. I just re-outiftted my kitchen w/ Kitchenaid and saved $3K buying at The Bay.

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                                    I agree I got most at the Bay and even if you do not see what you want they can order in most name brands. I got a LG counterdepth fridge that I saw at Tasco for cheaper at the Bay.

                                    I purchased LG froant Load Washer dryer in Titanium, LG counter depth 24" wide Fridge (under $1,000) and a slide in Jennair convection oven from the Bay. Stainless Vent hood from Ikea. and Blanco Sink and faucet from Home Depot. All my Cabinets from Ikea. See before and after photos below. Did all the work myself except for the installation of the granite countertop.

                                    My BEST DEAL was a Miele dishwasher at the BRICK... I was browsing the Dufferin store and was walking through the scratch and dent section. Saw a sad looking dishwasher sitting on its own with big discount tag on it.. there was no controls visable and no front panel. I opened teh door and to my surprise it was a Miele hidden control model where you can put your own cupboard panel on. All of the syrofoam and tape was intact inside and all the parts bassed on the manual seemed to be there.. as I closed it up a sales guy walked by and asked if I needed any help... I asked why the dishwasher was SO CHEAP.. he stated "well there are parts missing, the whole front panel is gone." He went on to say that I may be able to order a new panel. With a stunned look on my face I said I would take it on the spot.... The price at Tasco for the same model: $2,200 the price I paid at the Brick: $349!!!!! it looks and runs beautifully and my dishes have never been cleaner!

                                  2. when i bought my applicances about 5 years ago i went with a v. high end diswasher that was essentially silent. Fridge and stove i got from Maytag, I believe. There's a Miele store on Eg just west of Yonge, on the south side near the community centre. But the department stores all carry the high end stuff. You can also check out places like Leon, they do a payment plan that can ease the shock.

                                    1. If you need to get appliances in Toronto, Canadian Appliance Source is just that, the best source. Sales person Christian offered great service, and when I couldn’t find him on my return visit, Preet jumped in and made sure my order had gone through.

                                      We’d heard about delivery problems in the past, but when my order was running about 2 hours late, Preet even made sure that it got worked out and my oven delivered before I had to get my son from school.

                                      Overall, I’m very happy with the service I received and I will be back when I have to make my next purchase.

                                      120 Cartwright Ave
                                      Toronto, Ontario M6A 1V2

                                      600 Matheson Blvd W
                                      Mississauga, ON L5R 4B8
                                      (905) 766-3417

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                                      1. re: alexrogers

                                        after all the bad reviews on yelp and redflag deals and even google review i would pass on this place

                                        1. re: youdonut

                                          I got a great deal on a Bosch dishwasher there, plus 2 Samsung appliances. Service and delivery were great and no problems yet, one year later.

                                          1. re: hal2010

                                            This is an old post but since it's been brought back up, I highly recommend to stay away from Tasco. We bought from them about 4 years ago and their service is terrible.

                                            Once we bought, it was almost impossible to get our salesperson back on the phone when we had problems.
                                            He was soooo nice up until the sale and then he vanished.

                                            Can't stress enough - AVOID. Check other sites for similar reviews. Do your homework folks.

                                            1. re: hal2010

                                              Same. I received a great deal and great service from Canadian Appliance. Friend of mine did extremely well at Leons with no interest payment plan.

                                        2. Stay away from Tasco, they are horrid. I noticed Miele has an outlet in Brampton at 410/Steeles area.

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                                            Care to elaborate why you feel so negatively toward Tasco? It's easy to make a statement, but why do you feel that way?

                                            We've bought all of our new appliances from Tasco in Mississauga and have nothing but praise for them. We were able to negotiate reasonable prices with a very attentive sales person who listened to our needs to ensure that we purchased the right products. I have no hesitancy in recommending them.

                                            1. re: cynalan

                                              We bought Miele laundry appliances from Tasco about a year ago (no issues - Miele did the installation) and a few months later got a Sharp over-the-stove convection microwave. Service was frustrating. Installed improperly by Tasco's crew (apparently it's a unique mount, so installation is atypical for over-stove microwaves but covered in the documentation) but pending that determination, we dealt with a very transparent battle between Sharp's service team and Tasco regarding who was responsible. When I finally advised they needed to "figure it out" behind the scenes, it was resolved. Sharp's team was always very responsive, but Tasco made no effort to check in to ensure we were happy, and clearly didn't respect our time or customer experience.

                                              1. re: cynalan

                                                cynalan, I too felt that way about Tasco until I had a problem with my stove. It was a totally different story then. They didn't want to know me, much less help me.

                                                All of a sudden my Mr. sweet as pie salesperson was nowhere to be found and never returned phone calls. Honestly it was a nightmare dealing with them and I was so sorry I gave them my business.

                                                I hope you don't have any problems and if do, I hope your experience will be better than mine but to this day, I would never ever step foot in their store.

                                                1. re: millygirl

                                                  I bought all my appliances all at once from Tasco and I have not had one single problem with them, but then I haven't had to call them once since everything was delivered 5 years ago!

                                                  1. re: millygirl

                                                    I'm with you, Millygirl. I had exactly the same experience. Don't plan to shop there again.

                                                  2. re: cynalan

                                                    My issues with Tasco are the same as the ones indicated below. The sales process was great, delivery was OK, however, things fell apart when there was a problem.
                                                    We bought a Capital Range for $6000.00. Basically, we had several problems from the day it was delivered. Noisy fan, oven door lock malfunctions, etc. They immediately refer you to third party repair people who are good, but parts required ordering time, appointment set up etc. In all, we spent the better part of 6 months screwing around speaking to the people at Capital, the repair company and Tasco. After it was clear i got a lemon and neither Tasco or Capital would stand behind their product I told Tasco I wanted to return the range and I would spend more to buy a Wolf...Nope...no exchanges or returns....repair only. I was basically at the point I was going to drag it behind my car and leave the battered heap on their door step. Luckily, it started working and it's been "OK" since.

                                                    Lesson learned...if I had bought this at Costco, Sears or the Bay they would have taken it back no questions asked "satisfaction guaranteed". In this day of liberal return policies, customer rights and forums such like this and Yelp to bitch on companies cannot treat customers like this anymore.

                                                    Someone told me when I bought the Capital, that owning a high-end range is like owning a Ferrari, when it works it's awesome, when it's broken you are screwed.

                                                2. Regarding the noisy fan on Bosch stove. It is a cooling fan running all the time. Noisy cooling fan was a big issue on this stove for a long time and had been solved with special kit to reduce the fan speed and eliminate the noise. Contact Bosch regarding the issue and then you will be able to listen to your music. Good luck