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Sep 27, 2008 02:22 PM

Anyone been apple picking this year?

Just wondering if the apples are any good yet? I'm thinking of taking the family tomorrow, but with all the warm weather lately I'm wondering if we're better off waiting a couple of weeks. Anyone heard anything yet? Thanks for the input!

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  1. went to chudleighs last week.
    We got there at 11 am and the first parking lot was full!!
    The place was hopping.
    My advice is this: if there is good weather..GO..ya never know
    if the next three weekends will be rainy and miserable.
    Happy Apple

    1. I went yesterday (Sept 28) in Ancaster and had a wonderful time.
      Loads of apples ready for picking! Some of the varieties they were picking: Macs, Empire, Royal Gala, Jona Gold, Ambrosia...

      It was a gorgeous day and was quite busy at the orchard.
      Yum! Enjoy!