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Sep 27, 2008 02:22 PM

Great Sunday breakfast in Baltimore - ideas?

We're staying in the Inner Harbor tonight and driving back to NY tomorrow. Our hotel has such an average free breakfast that we're looking for something better for tomorrow morning. Can anyone suggest a great local spot for Sunday breakfast? We have a car and can drive anywhere in the city. Thanks!

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  1. Miss Shirley's. I found it on this board, and LOVE it! have friends and fmaily hooked now too. An easy drive from the Inner Harbor (take 83 North to Cold Spring lane, East. Go about 2 miles, when the road narrows to one lane, Miss Shirley's will be on your right.) They have a great variety, altough I would not recommend the pancakes. (unless you like heavy, doughy pancakes). I love the Maryland Omelete, Hubby raves about the savory grits. Prices are in about the 15-20 range.

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      Thanks so much. Just checked out the site and it looks perfect. Exactly what I had in mind.
      Much appreciated.