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Sep 27, 2008 02:17 PM

late night eats in Williamsburg

So I'm being dragged to a lame indie rock concert (it's at the former Northsix venue @ N. 6th btwn Wythe and Kent).

I will probably in the mood for something tasty, spicy, cheesy and/or greasy to eat nearby after the show.

What's good to eat in this neighborhood? Somewhere where we could comfortably sit, drink and not have to fight/wait too long for a table on Saturday night.


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  1. lenoras way is abour 4 blocks away - they do nice paninis they are @ 303 bedford

    mugs ale house is also an option - they are at 125 bedford i dont know what time they serve until - but you can give them a call 718-486-8232

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      Just a little bit further down is Dumont Burger, Bedford Ave between S1st and S2nd I believe, and it's some of the best food you can get in the area after midnight....

      1. re: apossibleworld

        That's where we ended up walking, and it was tasty indeed. Thank you.