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Looking for a study nook

I'm interested to find a place where I can hunker down and study. It might seem odd to request this on a food board but what I am looking for is a place where I can get some food, spread out my books and they won't mind my occupancy for a few hours. I frankly don't care if its noisy as this rarely distracts me.

Usually I end up at Rue de la Course, Starbucks or Mojo but I'd like some other options.
Wi-fi is a bonus but not required. I'm up for places in the F. Quarter, CBD, Garden Distric/Uptown or the Riverbend area.
If you utilize a place like this for your office work sometimes just for a change of scenery that would qualify too.

Thanks, Anna

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  1. What about You-Gurt on Maple?

    1. Look into Stop 9 on St. Charles.

      1. I like Cafe Luna at Magazine and Nashville and the Bean Gallery on N. Carrollton near Orleans Ave. Both have food, wifi and a lots of studyin' folk.

        1. When I was in grad school I frequented the CCs on Magazine by 6th Street and Cafe Rani right there. Trolly Stop was good if I was studying late night. I remember one night studying gun shot wounds and had my text books open on the table. A group of Cops who were getting coffee near by came over and asked what I was doing. LOL

          1. Thanks guys for all the input. I really hadn't considered any of these places but I'll start lugging my laptop and books over post-haste.

            1. It's not in the areas you mentioned, but it seems to me that Sonic Cafe in the Bywater area would be ideal for you.

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                Almost a year later, I finally noticed: this should be the SOUND Cafe, not the Sonic Cafe!

              2. Depending on your budget, I have had the best luck at upscale places like commander's for lunch, to study for a final.(prvided you don't need the laptop) Tell the M' & your server your plan, and I have ended up in a quiet corner for hours .

                1. Cafe Envie on Decatur / Barracks is pretty good. decent sized tables and nobody cares if you sit there all day... I used to pull 6+ hour solo study sessions there when I was in school.

                  1. Try the Orange Couch in Bywater...delicious coffee and pastries...and great atmosphere!

                    I also enjoy studying at the gelato shops... la divina on magazine especially...

                    both have free wifi

                    La Divina Gelateria
                    3005 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

                    The Orange Couch
                    2339 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA

                    1. I always see people with laptops at Angeli on Decatur.

                      1. The Orange Couch in the Marigny is pretty sweet. Very chill atmosphere, they serve prepared foods like quiches and sandwiches, as well as mochi. Free wifi, lots of tables, and they don't mind if you stay there a while.