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Sep 27, 2008 01:35 PM

Looking for a study nook

I'm interested to find a place where I can hunker down and study. It might seem odd to request this on a food board but what I am looking for is a place where I can get some food, spread out my books and they won't mind my occupancy for a few hours. I frankly don't care if its noisy as this rarely distracts me.

Usually I end up at Rue de la Course, Starbucks or Mojo but I'd like some other options.
Wi-fi is a bonus but not required. I'm up for places in the F. Quarter, CBD, Garden Distric/Uptown or the Riverbend area.
If you utilize a place like this for your office work sometimes just for a change of scenery that would qualify too.

Thanks, Anna

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  1. What about You-Gurt on Maple?

    1. Look into Stop 9 on St. Charles.

      1. I like Cafe Luna at Magazine and Nashville and the Bean Gallery on N. Carrollton near Orleans Ave. Both have food, wifi and a lots of studyin' folk.

        1. When I was in grad school I frequented the CCs on Magazine by 6th Street and Cafe Rani right there. Trolly Stop was good if I was studying late night. I remember one night studying gun shot wounds and had my text books open on the table. A group of Cops who were getting coffee near by came over and asked what I was doing. LOL

          1. Thanks guys for all the input. I really hadn't considered any of these places but I'll start lugging my laptop and books over post-haste.