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Sep 27, 2008 01:28 PM

The Best Restaurants of Buenos Aires 2008

Hi, i was in BA twice this year as i own a home in Palermo and have been an on off resident for the past 5 years. The restaurant scene has changed incredibly, at times for the better and at others...for the worse...I would like to know the opinions of others of the best restaurants in BA. My top 3 are as follows.

1 647 Dinner Club for exceptional food,incredible design and great bar.
2 La Bourgogne for great qualty plates, even if delivered in a strangely old fashioned style but always with great class!
3 Cafe San Juan for top rustic styled cuisine that realy hits the spot.

I leave the rest to you.....

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  1. I also love 647 Dinner Club but there is one thing that you did not mention...the great cocktails that they serve there. I went twice and the second time i almost forgot to eat as i got totally mesmerised by the drink selection!
    Anothert place i love is Pobre Luis, which is a great Parilla in Belgrano, very few tourists even though it is very well known. I had the most incredible Provoleta there.

    1. I would nominate San Telmo as the best area for good food in Buenos Aires.The variety of restaurants there, to be honest tower above the average to bad food of areas like Palermo.
      Obviousely the always mentioned 647 Dinner Club is great, ate there and loved it!! There are also great casual places like Los Loros, a small but cool corner haunt and close by the true argentine parilla experience of El Desnivel. The best sushi in the city can be found nearby in Congreso at Yuki, really a great experience. There are a tons of others to but to find out you will have to go and escape from the tourist heavy Mecca of Palermo.
      Good Luck!