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Sep 27, 2008 01:05 PM

Red Arrow Diner coming to Milford,NH.

Read in this weeks Hippo that they are coming to the old Milford Diner, and also expanding to a few other places, not named yet.

Have never been to it, so do you think it wll be worth a visit once it comes here? I understand that it isn't going to replace the French Bistro, but when in the area and just want something simple, but decent might be good to have.

What happened to the diner? I know that what was Toro was suppose to be a new place by Milford Fish Maket next to the diner, did they close too, or ever open?

I stopped by once at their place that was Kelly's, then Longboard then thier's, only once to eat and pick up fresh fish. It was okay, not bad not great.

Just never tried it again, as not right in that area all too often

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  1. I think it will do well based on its reputation, though for me it's standard diner fare. It's been a while, but I liked the fries with gravy. As for the Milford Diner, it was taken over by the couple who own the Fish Market on Elm Street--he recently died of injuries sustained in a car accident and I don't think she wanted to continue running the business alone. I think the Fish Market has gone precipitously downhill. When it was in the old location, you could get shad roe in season and the fish was very fresh--now the not-so-fresh fish seems like an afterthought in a place that makes its money selling fish and chips.