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what baked dessert says "happy 1st wedding anniversary!"

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does it have chocolate? resemble a wedding cake?

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  1. I'm thinking chocolate fondue. Not baked, but romantic.

    1. Since the traditional 1st anniversary gift is paper, I'd work around phyllo dough which is paper thin. You could bake phyllo layers, brushed with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, on a sheet pan. I'm thinking the layers will separate a bit as it bakes, looking like stacked paper. When cool, cut into squares or just break randomly. Plate and top with fruit sauteed in honey-butter-vanilla syrup (bananas, pears, pineapple or apples), and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.

      It seems to me I saw somewhere when baking plain phyllo stacked like that you should weigh it down with another sheet pan on top. A chow baker can probably set you right on the method.

      The modern 1st anniversary present is clock. Maybe 12 cupcakes, numbered 1 through 12 positioned around a central cake face. Hour and minute hands pointing to the hour the wedding occurred. If you did a chocolate cake and cupcakes, white cream cheese frosting, chocolate numbers cut out of melted chocolate spread on parchment paper (freehand or with small cookie cutters). Long tapered strips for the hour and minute hands. Maybe a tiny heart at the tip of each hand.

      Of course, this is assuming they don't have the top tier of their wedding cake to defrost.

      1. love the chocolate fondue idea. but if baked is the driver, jfood thinks a molten chocolate cake is very sensual.

        1. Traditionally, couples eat the top tier of the wedding cake on their first anniversary, having frozen it all year. I think it would be fun to do a play on this theme: something designed to look like a big slice of their cake -- maybe something with ice cream in it that should actually be served frozen.

          1. Maybe just some whipped cream and champagne, how you eat it is up to your imagination!

            1. One of the sexiest desserts ever: Rose Levy Beranbaum's Chocolate Oblivion Truffle Torte. Easy to make, gorgeous, heavenly. I've decorated it with both marzipan flowers and fresh flowers. One of the best was a white rose, coaxed open, and set off center atop the cake. Seduction on a plate.


              1. Was gonna mention as Adrienne did the tradition to eat the top layer on the 1st anniversary, but if you're adding one to the mix...

                Croquemboche - they can feed this to each other bite by bite :)

                or Gateau St. Honore - a very impressive cake

                1. great ideas. keep them coming : )

                  petitgateau - i think they should save the fondue for when they have kids and they don't have time to bake!

                  i had the same thought as joanN that dark chocolate = intense love. but adrienne and nemo gave me the idea that you could make it slightly poetic. not sure about the flavors but bc of the name, it would be neat to use passion fruit jam. perhaps in a white chocolate wedding layer cake with a champagne frosting...?

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                    Roasted Pears & Figs served hot over gourmet grade French Vanilla Ice Cream. It's hot & sweet like you should still be with each other after a year