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Sep 27, 2008 12:07 PM

Any good restaurants in San Diego?

My boyfriend and I are going to San Diego and we were hoping to find any good tips on great restaurants, beaches, wineries, etc. We're staying in the gaslamp area.

Also - is it worth spending a week/10-days in San Diego, or should we stay for half the time then drive up the coast?

Any help would be awesome! Thanks a ton

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  1. If you read the sticky at the top of the board ("New to the California Board? Read This First!"), you'll be able to tell we get ALOT of inquiries about the Gaslamp and where to eat in San Diego. It all depends on if you'll have a car, what kind of food, price range, etc. It does help to do a search on the board for "Gaslamp" and/or "downtown San Diego" first so you'll be able to see what's available.

    1. Whether you want to spend 10 days in SD depends alot on what you like to do. Personally, I think 10 days isn't enough, but then I was born and raised here ;-). Since SD is a major tourist destination there is a ton of stuff to do here from hanging out at the beach, visiting Balboa Park, the zoo, Sea World, Wild Animal Park, the Midway, a day trip (or 2) to Tijuana and/or the Valle de Guadalupe, a bunch of truly excellent museums, the Birch Aquarium, and that isn't even the tip of the iceberg. Try visiting Http://www/ click on the Thornetree link and then go to the California page. You can post your proposed itinerary and get lots of feedback.

      Phee is right, there are a lot of restaurants in the Gaslamp. Lots of diversity and in every price range imaginable. You can probably turn up a huge number of posts about the Gaslamp and Downtown and cull information on more restaurants than you could possibly visit. If that isn't enough try this link and click on the link to restaurants. You can search and gather information on local places to your hearts content.

      The weather is stellar right now, enjoy your visit when you come.

      1. My husband and I are planning our return trip to SD after a very short 24 hour visit there on our honeymoon. Our trip plan was Days 1-5 in Cabo and then fly to SD - stay for 2 days and then make our way up the coast to Napa by day 12 and spend 2 days up there. Unfortuantely we got delayed from Cabo and only got an evening and afternoon in SD. After 6 years we are finally making our way back there to spend an entire week.
        The trip up the coast was amazing and one that we still talk about it. I think it is something that everyone should do at some point. It lets you sample various towns in CA and decide where you never need to go again (LA for us) and where you dream of getting back to (SD and SF/ Napa for us). Then you can book longer trips there in the future.
        If you decide to drive the coast I would recommend changing your flight to leave from the northern most city that you plan to visit (as it really isn't doable to drive say to SF and back in 5 days). Also there are some great B&Bs along the way to stay at - we stayed at one out on Catalina and another in Morro Bay.
        Regardless of what you decide I think you'll have a great time! Enjoy your planning!